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Hello everyone! My brother is handing over his 2008 honda civic EXL manual (174k miles) to me since he is getting a new a car. I got the car for free so im feeling alright splurging a good amount of money into it! Im fully aware that it is only an r18 engine

The car is completely stock (for now) and kept in amazing condition. He didn’t beat down the car at all and the body is in amazing condition.

I already jumped the gun and own a hondata. I was wondering if someone can give me a good idea on how it works and how I can use it for the bolt ons I have coming soon. I have an Injen Cold Air intake and a Magnaflow Exhaust system on their way to me at this moment. I have plans for a turbocharger in the future as well (but only when I sell my other car will I confirm on the turbo kit)
Thank you all so much in advance. I cant wait to join the community!
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