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From Auto Remarketing:

Foreign brands are taking top marks when it comes to retained values, Power Information Network announced late last week.

In fact, the top three brands by retained value are the Scion at 69.8 percent, Honda at 68 percent and Mini at 66.8 percent, according to PIN officials. The industry average came in at 58.7 percent.

"The top three brands all retain more than two-thirds of their value after three years, but the values for two brands in the upper echelon have declined," executives explained.

PIN also analyzed which brands showed the highest rates of retained-value improvement and found some overlap with nameplates that made the top 10 list.

"The 10 nameplates showing the greatest improvement in retained value include Acura, Hummer and Lexus, which are also among the 10 nameplates with the highest retained value, suggesting these brands continually strive to achieve better results," officials pointed out.

Also making the most improved list was General Motors, which officials said indicated, "GM's efforts to improve retained values by reducing incentives and fleet sales are paying off."

Brands with the highest retained value included:

1. Scion, 69.8 percent

2. Honda, 68 percent

3. Mini, 66.8 percent

4. Acura, 65.8 percent

5. Toyota, 65.7 percent

6. Lexus, 64 percent

7. Subaru, 63.9 percent

8. Hummer, 63 percent

9. Nissan, 62.4 percent

10. BMW 61.2 percent

Nameplates showing the most retained-value improvement from the same time last year included:

1. Isuzu: up 6.90 percent to 56.9 percent

2. Acura: up 4.41 percent to 65.8 percent

3. Dodge: up 4.41 percent to 56.8 percent

4. Hummer: up 3.75 percent to 63 percent

5. Saturn: up 3.23 percent to 57.6 percent

6. GMC: up 2.39 percent to 59 percent

7. Chevrolet: up 2.35 percent to 58.2 percent

8. Ford: up 1.79 percent to 57.6 percent

9. Lexus: up 1.44 percent to 64 percent

10. Infiniti: up 0.83 percent to 60.9 percent

Executives also noted that the industry average for improved-retained value was 1.02 percent.
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