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We realize things at times can get hectic, but behind the scenes for the past 4 weeks my team and I have been hard at work doing behind the scenes testing. Before I begin, I'd like to again stress this. All of my intakes are made in house, from flange to welding to even the CNC cutting and building of our battery trays and even our flanges. I have the best team in the world supporting me and they make change after change so that I can put my name on the best available intake system on the market.

This is the Often Duplicated, Never Replicated Intake Super Sale. You hated, we listened. You copied, we watched. You wanted, now we give. No excuses now, time to get Rick Spec'd!!

1. All Intake Systems include OEM CNC Steel Battery Tray. 110% bolt on for the Factory Battery.

2. Catch Can's have been disco'd to drive the costs down.

3. All Intake Systems are 110% Bolt on. No more extra hoses, plug off etc. This connects just like Factory. Please note picture shows two smaller hoses. Your intake system will only include 1 hose, which is for valve cover to intake. The smaller hose initially was going to be included but we moved the nipple closer so that the factory hose would work fine.

*** Rick Spec'd INTENSITY Short Ram Intake System ***
- Highest Horsepower Gaining Short Ram intake on the market. First of its kind!

Click Here - Just $$$$$ + Shipping / Handling - Rick Spec'd Version 2 Intake Systems - Import DPS Speed Shop - 2012 Campaign - Where Performance Begins

*** Rick Spec'd Cold Air Ram Intake System ***
- Includes new Mounting Bracket for anti rubbing issues of previous unit.

Click Here - Just $$$$$ + Shipping - Rick Spec'd Version 2 Intake Systems - Import DPS Speed Shop - 2012 Campaign - Where Performance Begins

Click Link for ordering and more pictures!

*** Shipping and Handling Additional for all Intake Systems

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards. Cash Pickups upon request are also available. PA residents must pay 8% Sales Tax.

Appreciate all the Support!

Import DPS
Import DPS Speed Shop - 2012 Campaign - Where Performance Begins - Homepage

Version 2 Cold Air Intake Installed on my Cherry Bomb


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:clapping: simply amazing, good work as always Rick. If I was in the game this would be the only intake I would buy and recommend

Good work:woot:

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gotta question inregards to my recent online purchase..

I've recently purchase your version 2 SRI about a week ago and I have not seen a tracking number sent out or an update to see where my intake is at. ive tried calling numerous of times and emailed, but i didn't get an answer. my order number is 6075 and my name is James. im located in MD, its only three or so hrs away from your shop.

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Is the CAI pictured the mayhem version? It says it uses the stock battery with the stock battery location but it comes with the battery relocation bracket... Is the battery relocated or can you keep it where it is? I'm ready to ditch my Sri for this awesome product!
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