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Got this off xceedspeed(some what of a midwest more in michigan type forum) and i figured this would be a cool way to meet more fellow 8th geners. Some of us from michigan will most likely skip to the second checkpoint/meet/pit stop area place. Figured I would share this and see what kind of interest. Looking at hotel rooms, there is a hotel a few blocks from where the event is being held for 84.99 a night.

IA '09 will take place on July 25th and 26th, so we will set course the Friday before, aka. July 24th. As we arrive in Nashville we'll part ways to our respective hotels/meeting points, so make sure you are planned ahead of time for the arrival into Nashville. The Nashville Super Speedway is roughly 15 miles South East of downtown Nashville, near Smyrna. So, mark your calenders, tattoo your wrist, and do whatever it takes to make sure you're set to go this time around.

10$ per person for admission

[NOTE: Make sure to look at the times closely. There is a time zone change mid-way through the journey.] (CST = -5 GMT during the Summer)

for those who don't know about this here is the website

Main HT Thread
ImportAlliance '09 July 25th and 26th Nashville Super Speedway - Honda-Tech

Checkpoint #1: Highway 94 and College Avenue (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
- Arrival Time: 07:00 AM (CST) Friday, July 24th
- Departure Time: 07:30 AM (CST)
We'll be stopping at the WESTERN Park & Ride (opposite side of the highway compared to the Airport).

Checkpoint #2: Highway 65 Rest/Welcome Center (Merrillville, Indiana)
- Arrival Time: 10:30 AM (CST) (11:30 AM EST)
- Departure Time: 11:00 AM (CST) (12:00 PM EST)
We'll be stopping at the Rest/Welcome Center right off of Highway 65, on the WEST side of the Highway.

Checkpoint #3: Chapeze Ln/Welcome Center (Shepherdsville, Kentucky)
- Arrival Time: 03:15 PM (CST) (04:15 PM EST)
- Departure Time: 04:00 PM (CST) (05:00 PM EST)
We'll be stopping at the Rest/Welcome Center right off of Highway 65, on the WEST side of the Highway.

Final Arrive Time at Nashville Super Speedway: 8:00 PM (CST)

PLEASE NOTE: From the experience gained from IA '07 and IA '08, I believe it is safe to assume that these times are fairly accurate (even when dealing with heavy construction). I know that not everyone will be able to pit stop at the same mileage, so feel free to drop off when necessary. I set it with 3 checkpoints for a reason. It gives a chance for those with more thirsty engines, a chance to catch breath and keep up. Feel free to throw in ideas that are worth noting, at me. I'm up for suggestion.

//////: MECHANICAL NOTE ://////
Accidents can happen, and being many miles from home can make things quite tricky. So best bet is to prepare for the journey as best as possible.

This will be my first year attending. I wanted to see if anyone on here would like to join me for the drive to Checkpoint #2

***checkpoint 2 already has over 20 people combined with other forums...last year's midwest caravan had over 60 cars***

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I plan on making the trip with some guys from a local Louisville forum. It's my first year as well but it should be a good time. I hear the Holiday Inn is the place to be. Don't know how close that is to the event though.
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