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Hello all, mason here. Just the lastest victim of "I saw one and had to have it". My 007 silver ex (wish they would have offered a gold color option, would have been wicked hot imo!) will be waiting for pick-up wensday so I've been learning from the guru's on the "how to" so I can get started tearing little silver apart new week and making her mine. It's too late in the year to worry about the bologna's and the body, so I'm gonna focus on the inside until next spring.

Love the inside of her with a couple of exceptions. First off, is it just me or do those cheeze-d*ck bezels around the temp controls gotta go? Don't see anything aftermarket out there..fab guys are dropping the ball again! I'm a jeweler by trade and will be checking into that right off the bat, I'm thinking polished silver with a cool beveled edge. I will dust off the skillz if it is possible to make a mold from the originals, but being that I am lazy, I would much rather purchase something aftermarket if it exists. Give me a shout if you know of something out there like this.
The fact that I'm kinda lazy brings me to the other project...NEED A NAV/SOUND system. CC's got the deal on the avicd3, installed with ipod hook-up for $999 (just come back in a couple hours mr mason and pick her up, is my kind of deal!!). But can these guys do it without turning it into a hack job. Anyone that has signed up for the CC install....we need to talk and pics would be sweeet. Just need to know if a quality install kit is used, any problems, ect. ect. Any advise or suggestions would be apprieciated.
I look forward in exchanging ideas with you guys, this site is the brains of the civic net.
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