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Roll In Time! 9am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, fam!

So I wanted to make this thread in time for people to schedule a trip to Tampa for the
4th Annual WinterFest presented by I Love Driving Slow.

Sat, Dec 13, 2014 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


This is the fourth year running and the third time at this location.

Sat, Dec 13, 2014 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Anyone that went to Cars 'N Beaches 5 this year has an idea about what this is like. However, take everything good about CNB and multiply it!

WinterFest takes place at a private airport in Tampa, called Tampa Executive Airport. Everyone that pays to be in the show gets to park on the tarmac, others park in a grassed area.

Unlike CNB there is a price to enter this event, because unlike CNB which was a "meet," this event is a "show."

One may choose to be on the tarmac and not enter the show, which is what I will be doing. Because I am not ready with my whip to be competing yet. More will be said about entrance fees and location address below.


Yes, this event requires you to spend some money. But I bet it's less than your fatass spends at Chipotle every week....

Link to Buy Tickets:

Buy Tickets | ILDS WinterFest

There are four types of tickets:

Show Car
  • Each Show Car Ticket Includes:
    (1) Driver
    (1) Passenger
    (1) Raffle Ticket (with toy donation)

Bike or Scoot
  • Ticket includes
    (1) Free Driver Admission
    (1) Free Passenger Admission
    (1) Free Raffle Ticket ( With the donation of a toy)

Spectator Ticket
  • Spectator ticket includes:
    (1) Spectator's Entrance
    (1) Free Raffle Ticket ( with donation of a toy)

Child (Under 12)
  • Free Admission for anyone under the age of 12yrs old.

I texted my boy Roscoe (founder of iLDS) to make sure what ticket I want.

"Spectator Ticket" is what you need if you want to come and NOT DISPLAY YOUR CAR. I wasn't sure, but I confirmed with him that, IN ORDER TO PARK ON THE CONCRETE YOU NEED THE "SHOW TICKET." My car is not show ready yet but I want to be on the concrete, so that is what I will be doing.

Link to Buy Tickets:

Buy Tickets | ILDS WinterFest


the event is at Tampa Executive Airport located just north of I-4 on US-301 (41).

Tampa Executive Airport
6530 Tampa executive Airport Rd
Tampa, FL 33610

Link to Google Maps:


What to Expect

Here are some videos that have been made by attendees of past WinterFest events:




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I'd like to organize a convoy to this as well. I am coming from Clearwater, and I have a couple mates that live around the area, in St. Pete as well as Tampa.

We can organize the specifics of this later on.. once a cpl ppl sign on to attend...

Another thing is, we need to be very sure to get there EARLY AS HELL to get gangsta spots. We can all park together if we come in together.. and you know how much we love that :hayinout:

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We Are Getting a Group Spot!

OK so I got some great info from Roscoe now!!!

So the way the parking lot is going to be structured the iLDS Faction parks closest, then the Fresh100, then the Groups, and then the regular show area.

So we will look and feel cooler by parking in the group area. Funny thing is, I know we all daily our cars and don't have super special stuff done to it, but who cares!!! hahaha

Once I get a headcount I am instructed to email Roscoe back, and he will send me a Group Rate Code to enter on the site to get $5 off, and we will get a special assigned parking time. I know that Springer already bought his ticket, but Roscoe assured me that you can still park with us, I just have to let them know ahead of time.

He said very clearly that only I will have access to the group rate code, but I will give it out to each of you in a PM, and please do not share it because this code is not to be public. It is only for our group.

Kuran, lemme know how many cars are coming with you.

Once all of the group’s members have purchased their tickets the

group’s leader needs to email us the final head count with their names. This

will expedite the roll in process.

If your members have already purchased their tickets and or forgot to use

the group code please include them in the final headcount list and we’ll verify

their admission into Winterfest. Once we receive a final list we’ll email you

back your roll-in time.

  • So first Ima need an estimation of a head count to get the process rolling.

    Then he sends me the code.

    Then after we all buy our tickets, I give him a final head count.

    Then he will give us a roll in time.

Hell yea we are getting close, boys!

How to Purchase Tickets at the Group Rate:

I'm lost as to who and where we pay?
Go here:

Buy Tickets | ILDS WinterFest

Select Show Car Qty (1) $25.00 (you will get $5.00 off later)

Fill out your name and email and stuffs.

Group Name:
Fried Rice


Select a few categories to put your show car in (doesn't really matter I'm there for fun)

On the right side, click "HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE?"

And enter _ _ _ _ (PM me and I will provide you with this.)

Should be good for -$5.00.

Then complete the purchase! Via PayPal or whatevvvs. Lemme know if you need any other info, homeslice.
Deadline to buy and be in our group is 11/28!!! :readtherules:

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Head Count

We need to have at least (5) cars in order to be accepted as a Group. Let's get everyone's name's registered! After I get a list, I send it to Ross and he sends me the Group Rate Code to enter when we purchase tickets.

  1. aceasarsalad
  2. Springer
  3. CitedCoronet - Red
  4. CitedCoronet - Rumble
  5. Glen L (my buddy @ work with an FR-S)
  6. Dylan B (local homie in a 240)
  7. Josh S (local gangsta in a '66 Mustang)
  8. Mike (coworker in a '13 WRX)
  9. SuperCivicssss27

Names in SeaGreen are already paid! Deadline to buy and be in our group is 11/28!!! :readtherules:

Lookey!! :excited:



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I know this is mad early to start this thread but everyone in the south needs to be there for sure! And if you live farther up north or out west, get a couple of your mates together and come thru!!! Sh*t's going to be maaaaaddd

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So I just say on iLDS's fbook page, if we email them and have 5 or more cars coming as a group, we can arrange to park together and at a discounted rate. A win-win! So let's make it happen! :woowoo:

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Hey I'd like to def meet up with y'all so we can park together. But as y'all know I'm in PCB and have quite a bit farther to drive. That ok?

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fa sho! Honestly we prolly have to rollup around 9:30 - 10:00am that morning to have our own lil' special group parking area. Of course, we could always roll up later and "try" to park together haha.

I'll find out from Roscoe about the details.

Kuran, are y'all gonna be staying the weekend or something? I think I remember you saying that. That way it's not such a crazy drive for you.

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Well it'll either be us leave at like 4 in the morning and leave right after the show or us stay the night at a hotel. It's all up to my mom. We will probably bring both the si and Lude since I'll be 16.

Just so you know, it's really hard to make a trip like that all in one day.

A bunch of my mates and I drove from Tampa down to Miami, spent the day with a bunch of 8th genners down there, and then drove home. I was sooo dead by the end of the day, bro. Was like, falling asleep in the car on the freeway 0_0

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No vtak at 8k?
When we start the tune, first we work on part-throttle. So, basically everyday getting groceries driving. Once that is good, we start tuning WOT (wide-open throttle) on the LOW cam. Since vtak uses the high cam, we need to get the low cam perfect first.

Theeenn, once all that is running perfect, we can start working on the high cam which will bring vtec back into my life! :woowoo:

So I just have to be patient for the time being :banghead:
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