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Would you buy another 6th Gen Si?

  • Yes

    Votes: 197 67.2%
  • No

    Votes: 52 17.7%
  • Unsure

    Votes: 44 15.0%

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ThaJazz said:
I voted yes. To me, the sedan is such a great balance of handing, practicality, and fun that it makes up for the necessity for downshifting. The truth is that this car is quick, not fast. Having worked at a dealership in used cars, I got to drive models from Bimmers to Hyundais. The Hondas felt the best, kept their value better, had fewer problems, and had more logically-oriented controls. Is it faster than a GTI or Mazdaspeed 3 or any other hot compact out now? Nope. But will mine be worth more and last longer than all of them? Probably.

All that for just over 20K. I'd do it again.
Grimey said:
The MS3 would smoke the Si. 263 hp IIRC, and it's turbo'd.

It's also like $2k more though, so to some people it's more of a money issue. I know what I spent on my Si was my absolute limit.

Read the whole thing before you make a quick bolding a reply about his post.

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I highly doubt it.

-interior isnt all that great.
-paint is not good.
-tranny problems
-limited performance components.
-no possible way to tune with.

I would possibly buy a new GTI.:thumb:

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I voted yes.

In fact, I just traded my 06 EX in for an Si. Now my wife and I have 2 Si's in the family. She has the RR one and I get the 07 TW.

Neither of our cars has any of the flaws then some owners complain of. They both shift perfectly, the suspension doesn't make odd noises and I don't have a problem with the DBW.

Yes the door panels and some of the interior panels can be damaged easily, but when you scuff the door with your shoe or place a pizza box on the dash, I would expect a scratch.

Yes the paint may chip or scratch easily, but not any more so then my old 03 or 98 Civics did.

They both have the odd rattle or squeak from the interior, but nothing too serious.

Neither of the cars or my EX for that matter had any real problems IMO. They are a 20g's economy car, not a 100g's Benz.
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