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I think my sway bar is bent

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Hey guys I'll make a long story short I hit a curb a while back and I replaced the lower control arms and sway bar likes but my tires squeel when I turn right and I'm thinking my sway bar is bent I just don't have the money to take it to a shop I just wanted yalls opinion
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Have you gotten an alignment yet? When I replaced my LCA's on my 06 EX I needed to get an alignment right away. Long story short, I trashed both front tires.

Not sure which trim you have but the non-Si front sway bars are semi soft so its really hard to bend one.
It's funny because a while back I smacked the curb just like you and ended up having to use camber bolts on my car because either the front strut or the knuckle got damage which is causing positive camber on that one wheel. Use 2 camber bolts on the affected side you and take it in for an alignment again and see what they say.
I'd just upgrade to an Eibach or even one of the 24mm aftermarket bars. Or get an OEM one from Kijiji.
If he upgrades to a bigger sway in the front the understeer will be a bit more worse. derppyninja, if you need a front sway, I highly recommend snagging one from a junkyard - heck, it would be better to get a front sway off an LX/EX as they are a bit softer and makes the car actually handle much faster.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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