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Hi all

I just bought a used 2007 Civic Hybrid a few days back. Now that I'm getting to know it I mostly love it - - - except for a few things.

One is that the door chime or door beeping sounds doesn't seem to work logically.

After I drive my car to the parking lot I do this (in a bit varying order): I put the gear on P, turn off the engine (from II position to 0), turn off the lights, open my belt and take off the key. And after doing all these I open my door.

And then it starts. The chime starts pretty much always when I open the door. The key is out and there is nothing flashing on the gauge's or the panel to show what's the problem. There are some rare occasions when it doesn't start and I haven't figured out what the reason is. I know it reminds to take off the key and turn off the lights, but I've already done those! Sometimes it stops when I pop the key back in and take it out, but usually it doesn't.

If I push down the rubber button on the car's door frame after opening the door the chime stops, so I know it's related to the door.

Why is this happening? Has the door chime gone crazy? Am I doing something wrong?
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