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Hybrid Racing Slim Oil Caps

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Hybrid Racing Slim Oil Caps​

Quick Description:

• Slim design for Increased valve cover to hood clearance.
• Designed to be easier to install and remove.

MSRP: $80.00 In stock: Black, Gold, and Polished
Click HERE to place an order today!

Product Description:

At Hybrid Racing, we believe the recipe for a perfect part is the result of an elegant balance of form and function. When we set out to design this oil cap, we took inspiration from fuel doors used by the aerospace industry and started sketching.

What we ended up with was a beautifully crafted oil cap that's both clean in appearance, providing improved valve cover to hood clearance, and super easy to remove.

Install this oil cap and know that you've purchased another Hybrid Racing product that is unmatched in quality and design.

Available anodized in your three favorite flavors and perfectly matching the Hybrid Racing Fuel Rails!

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:bump: no group buy in these
These are all in stock and ready to ship.
All in stock and ready to ship!
In stock and can get to you before Christmas!
In stock and ready to ship.
Hey Russ, or Tim, or whoever is the vendor at HR. Just to confirm with others these will fit the R18 correct?
Yes, I am pretty sure any Honda motor.

Code for free shipping??
ummm. We don't have one.
In stock and ready to ship!
21 - 40 of 74 Posts
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