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SOLD: Hybrid Racing Performance Shifter Cable Set

HYBRID RACING Performance Shifter Cables HYB-SCA-01-10: SOLD

Up for sale is a hybrid racing performance shifter cable set removed from a 2006 civic si (FG2). Functionally it's perfect but has some cosmetic defects as you can see in the pictures. There is some rust on the outer shell of the heim joint but this happened months after installing and it isn't actually in the joint, the heim joint itself is not seized and is still nice and tight. The other is the cables were rubbing and wore through the rubber jacket, at one point it started wearing into the steel braiding but it's nowhere near breaking through and still actuates like new. As you can see in the pictures, it's ugly, but it doesn't affect performance. It will fit all 8th gen (06-11) Si's (FA5/FG2) and it may fit all base model (R18) civic's with a manual transmission. I can't guarantee it'll fit R18 models though so please do your research before purchasing if you have anything other than an 8th gen Si. It comes as you see it with the cables and mounting clips on the shifter side. You may have to reuse the mounting clips on the transmission side from your stock cables but I'm not sure what is cross-compatible. Hybrid Racing usually has great customer service so worst case is you've got to order some replacement hardware which should be cheap.

Fitment from hybrid racing's website:
2006-2011 Civic with MT (Does not fit Civic FN2)
Any K-Swap vehicle using cables from the above chassis.

Replaces OEM 8th gen shifter cables (K-series and R-series)
Solid rod ends and spherical bearings (not rubber like OEM cables).
Billet aluminum bushings.
Stainless steel cables and cable guides.
High heat, wire reinforced sleeve.
This is for a set of 2 cables.

The Hybrid Racing cables are a performance upgrade replacement for stock OEM cables. The solid rod ends, 30% thicker cable core and spherical bearings give the Hybrid Racing cables a firmer, tighter feel over OEM cables resulting in fewer missed shifts and a more connected feel to the chassis.

We created a cable to give people peace of mind and improved driving performance when they shift hard and during demanding racing applications and the Hybrid Racing performance cables achieve this goal!

Other notable features of the Hybrid Racing cables are spherical bearings, stainless steel push rods, and upgraded stainless steel swivel support tubes (oem are plastic) that are known to break on the OEM cables. All of the rod ends, and mounting bushings are CNC machined 6061 aluminum that have been heat treated and coated with a black hard anodized before being laser etched with the Hybrid Racing logo and flair.

Buddy Club BC08-RSS-H008 Short Shifter: $SOLD.



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