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Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushings

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All new Hybrid Racing 8th Gen Civic Shifter Cable Bushings​

Quick Review:

• 6061 Aluminum
• Gold Anodized Finish
• Chrome-Plated Steel Spherical Bearing
• Easy Installation
• Extra Sexy
• If President Lincoln owned a Honda, he would have installed these.

MSRP: $69.99 (In Stock)
Click HERE for more info or PM me

When you replace those worn out bushings, go ahead and replace the base bushings too...

Give us a call, PM me, or click HERE to place your order today!​

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lol i was about to pull the trigger on these till i got to the shipping. F'n $28.... I HATE SHIPPING TO HAWAII!
Give us a call on monday. One of our sales reps may be able to find a cheaper shipping method that's not listed on our site.

Do you know if I got thus right ones for my year? I have an 06 so I was wondering if those were what I got or if I got the ones for the other years.
The package should be labeled to indicate what years they fit.
I just installed my cable bushings. It took literally like 10 min for everything. I took it for a test drive and can definitely tell a difference in my shifting. Everything goes right into gear and feels strong. Like I said i cant compare to any other companies but from what I've read in other threads the others are really a pita to install for some people. This was prob almost the easiest install I've done so far.

I do have a quick question for hybrid. When it comes to the bigger cable bushing is there supposed to be some play in it as far as up and down? Mine moves up and down a little when I grab it. The pin holds it in good but I was just wondering.

Thanks again for the great product. I am running the twm full shifter assembly with hybrid base and cable bushings and my car feels amazing. Before with the assembly and just the twm base bushings it was a little hard to get into some gears sometimes and now they feel like butter. Was able to chirp second with no effort because it just dropped into gear....lol.
A little play between the cable and bushing is normal. Because of the rubber OEM bushings, Honda was able to leave the tolerances on their cables pretty loose. To make sure that no one has to hammer their bushings in or anything of that nature, we leave them on the loose side. As you've seen, the shift feel still ends up being improved compliments of the spherical bearing we use in our design.

Do these make shifting into gears easier or harder?

I had the TWM Stage 2 short shifter and I didn't like how it made shifting into gears a lot harder.
Any time you reduce the shift throw, the effort to shift will become proportionally harder. This is true of any short shifter. If the design is such that there is a lot of friction, it will make things harder.

Our bushings make shifting slightly easier because the spherical bearing removes the compliance in the OEM rubber bushings that you would normally have to work against. However, it's likely that they will not reduce shift effort so much as to fully compensate by the extra effort your short shifter is requiring.

All my gears were really notchy. I ordered both sets of bushings hoping it would decrease or remove the notchiness. i just did my trans with syncromesh and seemed to help out a lot. Whats the maintenance on these bushings? Ex: replace every 30k miles etc.

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They are designed to be maintenance free. Set it and forget it. We have been selling our cables and bushings for nearly 5 years and have not seen any instance of age/wear related failure at the bushings or bearings.

How much for both bushings shipped to 91702
Both bushings shipped to 91791?
Hey guys, the fastest way to get in touch with one of our sales guys is to call us at 225-932-9588. We're open mon-fri, 9am-5pm cst. Also, emailing [email protected] will get a pretty quick response. Our sales guys are not always on the forums, so when you post for a quote, it can get missed sometimes.

Hybrid racing is the cable bushings all the same from rsx to civic si?
Like the hole or the thickness of the bushing?
I see on your website three different options to choose from.
There are 3 different versions of the cable bushings we sell. For civics, there is 1 version for the 06' 8th Gen, another for the 07+ 8th gen & 9th gens, and one for the 8th gen CTR

Whats the difference between the black shifter bushings and the gold shifter bushings for 2010 fa5?

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Just the color. They are dimensionally and functionally identical. We only sell the black ones now.

sweet, does every order come with some awesome sauce
The shipping department normally throws some in with most shipments, but I don't want to say "every order," because I know sometimes they get left out if we don't have them or if packages have to get shipped out quickly. In most cases, yes though.

I was on the sight and see the part I need for a 2009 FG2 cable bushings but not the base bushings. Is there that much of a difference in running both or will the cable bushings themselves really smooth everything out?
These are the base bushings you're looking for:
Hybrid Racing Shifter Base Bushings (K-Series 06-11 Civic Si) | Hybrid Racing

These are the cable bushings you would need:
Hybrid Racing Performance Shifter Cable Bushings (K-Series 07-11 Civic Si) | Hybrid Racing

The cable bushings will make a much larger difference in both feel and performance. We get a lot of customers commenting that they have fewer issues missing gears and getting locked out of gears when using these. The base bushings help to get rid of a lot of the compliance in the OEM rubber shifter bushings.

hey russ,

any suggestions for getting out the oem rubber bushings??? I tried to push them out and pry them out with a flat head like the directions said, but haven't had any luck so far :( any tips or tricks you've found that help loosen them up lol.

I like to use a phillips head screwdriver that almost perfectly fits through the hole in the bushing. I hold the cable close to the bushing very firmly and pry the bushing out with the screwdriver that goes through the center hole. I've done this on all of the bushings I've installed in the recent past and have never had an issue. Have you tried that? If you are using a flat head, I'm assuming you're trying to jam it between the rubber and the cable. That's not the best way to go about it. The method I described above should let you get both bushings out in just a few minutes.

No I did not try that yet. I was trying to force the flat between the rubber and the metal ring portion. Its a little too dark outside now (and no garage) so I'll have to give it a try in the morning using your method. Thanks for the quick reply and I'll let ya know if it works out for me!
Just make sure to hold the cable very firmly between the part with the bushing and the bracket. You don't want the prying force to transfer to the part of the cable in the bracket. That can damage the cable. It's not hard to remove the cable using the method I described, but if you aren't careful the damage is possible. Another thing that makes the removal easier is prying between the rubber and metal with a flathead and spraying in some silicone spray.
Page 5 of my build thread with a review comparing the stock 2007 Shifter to the 09+ shifter utilizing the Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushings, Base Bushings, and CMC! Thank you for some awesome products guys!!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the review! :badger:

I'm looking for the shift cable bushings shipped to 95831. Thanks.
Also, I'd like to know if there is a huge convincing reason for me to get the base bushing besides reducing the flex of the oem shifter? The reason is I should get the HR shifter kit(which doesn't use the base bushing at all) in 2 months, so I don't wanna spend my hard-earn money on something that I have no use with in a very short time.
If you're getting our 8th gen short shifter, then I would pass on the bushings for the OEM shifter. The difference the bushings make is nice for the price, but if you're going to get the shifter in a couple of months, I'd just put the bushing money towards that. And it sounds like you already know that our shifter doesn't use bushings (it just bolts right to the cast aluminum e-brake assembly).

I can't say what price shipped is (I'm not in sales), but if you want a quote you can get one easily on our site by just adding it to the shopping cart and putting in your address.

So I should still get the cable bushing even I'm getting the short shifter right?
Budget permitting, absolutely. The bushings and shifter both fix compliance issues, but they fix the issues of different parts. Just so that you can fully appreciate the changes each part makes, I would say put the bushings in, drive around for a few days to get a feel for the improvement they make, then install the shifter. That will give you a good idea of the effect each part makes.

Can these bushings still be ordered?
Absolutely. Normally they are in stock. You can order them through our site at hybridracing.com (search our site for "8th gen shifter cable bushings") or call us at 225-932-9588 and select sales.

Just curious, will these work with the buddy club spec shifter assembly?

If so, is there a noticeable difference?

I love my FG2!
Our cable bushings go on the transmission side of the cables, so the shifter you're running won't matter. You'll notice a difference no matter what shifter you're using. The bushings fix an issue with the cables themselves. :thumbsup:

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