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Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushings

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All new Hybrid Racing 8th Gen Civic Shifter Cable Bushings​

Quick Review:

• 6061 Aluminum
• Gold Anodized Finish
• Chrome-Plated Steel Spherical Bearing
• Easy Installation
• Extra Sexy
• If President Lincoln owned a Honda, he would have installed these.

MSRP: $69.99 (In Stock)
Click HERE for more info or PM me

When you replace those worn out bushings, go ahead and replace the base bushings too...

Give us a call, PM me, or click HERE to place your order today!​

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hey russ,

any suggestions for getting out the oem rubber bushings??? I tried to push them out and pry them out with a flat head like the directions said, but haven't had any luck so far :( any tips or tricks you've found that help loosen them up lol.

I like to use a phillips head screwdriver that almost perfectly fits through the hole in the bushing. I hold the cable close to the bushing very firmly and pry the bushing out with the screwdriver that goes through the center hole. I've done this on all of the bushings I've installed in the recent past and have never had an issue. Have you tried that? If you are using a flat head, I'm assuming you're trying to jam it between the rubber and the cable. That's not the best way to go about it. The method I described above should let you get both bushings out in just a few minutes.

No I did not try that yet. I was trying to force the flat between the rubber and the metal ring portion. Its a little too dark outside now (and no garage) so I'll have to give it a try in the morning using your method. Thanks for the quick reply and I'll let ya know if it works out for me!

thanks Russ!! Your method worked perfectly! The old bushings popped right out. My only regret with these is how long I waited to get them lol.

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Page 5 of my build thread with a review comparing the stock 2007 Shifter to the 09+ shifter utilizing the Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushings, Base Bushings, and CMC! Thank you for some awesome products guys!!! :thumbsup:

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