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Hybrid racing chain tensioner help

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doing some research S2 or HB tensioner
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Does anyone have any previous experience to what could be wrong, why my motor has gone through 4 tensioners in last 3 months, oem 2, aftermarket 2... i had my k20z3 head built. Ported and polished, valve job, oversized valve stem .5 mm, Skunk2 stage 1 cams+pro valve springs and retainers.... flash pro tuned?????
I'm still trying to grasp how some people say the chain tensioners are notorious for failure but MANY people are running 300+hp NA and supercharged engine's, 400+ turbo engine's with no issues.

EDIT: btw to the OP. are you applying the correct torque specs to the nuts/bolts and using lock-tite? I dont know the specifics instructions on the install for the tensioner but I would assume lock-tite is needed and there is a break-in period before hitting higher rpms.
what's crazy is this did not start happening until the skunk2 cams where put in
but their only stage1.. before i had tsx cams and had no issues. Maybe millennium motorsports did something wrong when building my head.
1. could be the cams combined with the cam gears (known issue with skunk2)
2. the guides could be damaged
get rid of skunk2 stage 1's.... purchase drag cartel DiC's.

Be happier.

i think so too its the skunk2, im going to switch back to tsx just for a little bit too see if its the cams. i hate how i have spent so much money on specific companies and all their R&D are all shitttttttttttttttttt. i feel like if i invest on expensive products that the product should be tested by the companies not the consumer. all these excuses they have is a bunch of BS, mechanics as well i feel like its better if i do it myself then i have no issues the one time i let someone else work on my car everything goes to ****. WTF:deadhorse:
just read the email from hybrid, Apparently the chain tensioner they replaced which i sent back has no issues. hybrid is sudgesting to have my motor further diagnosed. The problem my mechanic said was the HB chain tensioner failed due to side to side motion, HYbrid tech said "they put it on a testing rig and the teeth and the motion is ok", WTF...

i am going to have my chain cover removed and checked to see if the guides are ok, hopefully this will tell me what the problem is. The noise is coming from the side where the cam gears are not where the chain is after the the head job was completed.
I found my problem the reason why chain tensioners are failing.... so, I'm going to swap back to my 06 tsx cams just to prove a point what's causing the tensioners to fail junk2's stage 1 cams. heres the link : Got timing chain slap? Skunk2 does. - K20A.org .:. The K Series Source . Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum
45k on my oem tct, 25k w/s2 s2 cams :shrug:

The only concern is it could fail on start up with the absence of oil pressure. Even if there is chain slap at idle, it'll go away once you begin to increase the rpms as their will be an increase in oil pressure.

Don't spend $400 on a hybrid tct? Everyone is afraid of the oem tct, but I can't recall of the top of my head any number of members who've had it fail with the result of a ruined motor?
what valvesprings are you using? S2 ????

I have had the pro valve dual springs for 1 year sitting in in my garage have skunk2 made several version or only the cams were redesign??

I'm just thinking, I'm still waiting for the car to get the chain swapped and guides done so we will see...
ok, I just had the guides and the chain replaced and my mechanic is now saying that the noise is more apparent on idle????? FML... so his keeping the car to do more indepth dianogstic. stay tuned
ok, I just had the guides and the chain replaced and my mechanic is now saying that the noise is more apparent on idle????? FML... so his keeping the car to do more indepth dianogstic. stay tuned
Now is the last step 1000$ later my mechanic is asking for the skunk2 camshaft boxes the cams came in to see if its one of the bad batches that where sold... I cant wait, cause im swapping the tsx cams back and if this is the case no more excuses or possibilities why im having issues the monkeys ass is out...
wow man, with all that cost you spent you could have just got IPS cams and used the OEM tensioner.. there goes Skunk2 screwing over another customer.
yeah I found out the hard way, my whole ride is skunk2

1. S2 suspension, before i bought i called and ask about the ride review how everyone whos had it says its too bouncy. I called directly skunk2 and they said no never heard any complaints.

2. S2 rear camber arms less than 6 months or so the bushings shred from v1 and called for replacement they sudgested wait or buy V2 with poly bushings

3. S2 stage 1 cams, lock pin that inserts into the cam gear gets pushed in after installing while driving car stalls, then throw offs my timing. Called S2 direct and they said it was due to bad installation and i would need to by another intake cam for 300+. recieved replacement then went through 2 oem tentioners and 1 hybrid.. still fixing problem 4000+ later, FML

YES, I'm done:deadhorse:
do you have the updated version of the chain tensioner? i just upgraded my 2.4 build and I had the hybrid chain tensioner and I contacted them and they stated they had revised it and sent me a new one in exchange
yes I do, I am so done working on internal motor work unless im doing it myself cause ever since i have dealt with other mechanics and Companies with their shity products no one has ever stepped up and replace their defective products except for Hybrid Racing.
fantastic update so i decided to take off my boomba mounts the upper mount and removed skunk2 stage 1 cams along with my vibrant header and fwala!!! no more noise. not really sure if it was the crappy s2 cams since i spent over 1000 making sure everything was fine. so my car pretty much stock now and working great. i have learn a great lesson, NEVER BUY PARTS FROM SKUNK 2 RACING, HYBRID TEAM THANK YOUR FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!!
1. i removed the s2 suspension
2. removed header
3. removed S2 cams
4. checked guides and replaced the chain
5. replaced tensioner 3 times
6. removed upper boomba mounts
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