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Hybrid Racing Adjustable Short Throw Shifter

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Hybrid Racing Adjustable Short Throw Shifter​

Quick Description:

• The 1st and only fully adjustable shifter for the 8th Gen Civic.
• Adjustable Left/Right Throw from 10-50% Below Stock.
• Adjustable Front/Back Throw from 10-50% Below Stock.
• All Metal Construction, WIth Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushings.
• 12 Months of grueling design, testing, redesign and more testing.
• 1,250,000 Shifts on our automated test rig.
• 1.5 Inches of height adjust ability.
• A6 Steel and 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction.

MSRP: $339.00 In stock:
Click HERE to place an order today!

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lots more than im willing to drop on a shifter but it is nice to see a full replacement that is worth the price unlike the TWM one.
The TWM one is definitely worth it. I like this design as well. I wish it was available when I was buying my TWM one. Good to have multiple choices
1 - 1 of 60 Posts
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