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Hybrid Racing Adjustable Short Throw Shifter

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Hybrid Racing Adjustable Short Throw Shifter​

Quick Description:

• The 1st and only fully adjustable shifter for the 8th Gen Civic.
• Adjustable Left/Right Throw from 10-50% Below Stock.
• Adjustable Front/Back Throw from 10-50% Below Stock.
• All Metal Construction, WIth Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushings.
• 12 Months of grueling design, testing, redesign and more testing.
• 1,250,000 Shifts on our automated test rig.
• 1.5 Inches of height adjust ability.
• A6 Steel and 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction.

MSRP: $339.00 In stock:
Click HERE to place an order today!

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I like this...being adjustable means i can keep the throw similar/close from stock (which i think is perfect) but the precision of an all metal design! I need one! Thanks for the product.

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Another cool fact is that being adjustable, it is the only shifter where you can run the shift knob higher than stock and still get a stock-length throw. You can also shorten the throw at this height if desired. You cannot get a stock-length throw with the knob fully lowered, however. In the fully lowered position, I think about 20% reduction in throw is the least reduction you can get.

How difficult is the install? And is it real difficult to install your performance shifter cables with it?
The shifter install is not difficult if you know what you're doing. We have created an install guide for the shifter to guide you through the process. I have done the install a few times and can complete it from start to finish in about 30 minutes with only a few simple hand tools, no lift. We will post that guide when it's completed, which will be before we ship out any shifters.

The shifter cables are a bit more difficult to install as they will require you to get under the car and remove the exhaust section that's under the shifter. We can do the install in about 1-1.5hrs with a lift. If you are using jackstands to get under the car and are doing this for the first time, I think 3hrs would be a better estimate. We also have an install guide for installing the cables. It can be found here: Hybrid Racing Shifter Cables (K-Series 06-11 Civic Si)

how high would it have to be to get the shortest throw?
How high? Lowering the shift knob reduces the throw, raising it extends throw. We will release an install guide soon that explains how to make all of the adjustments the shifter is capable of.

do you have any pix of it installed to show how low and high it goes? i really like this :)
We don't have any good pics of it adjusted like that on the site, but I snapped a few real quick from an employee's car. This was an older prototype that featured a carbon shift lever. The heights should be the same though.

I also attached a pic showing the shifter with the shift lever from our k-swap shifter (you have to purchase this seperately through a phone order only if you want it).

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About half of the parts are in. Only about 1 more week until the rest are in!!!
The Code is not working for me.:facepalm: is the free T-shirt code deal off?
The deal should still be valid (it will be invalid once new units are on the shelves). Give us a call to place your order if you want to get in on the offer while it's still valid. Our phone # is 225-932-9588, we're open 9am-5pm CST mon-fri

I want! I want! I want! :spaz::domokundance: please ship them soon lol :wigglesmiley:
Hopefully most of the preorders will ship tomorrow!

The part we were waiting on just came in, and our assembly guys have already started knocking a few out.

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Hey guys, as you receive these, please post pics and reviews. We love to hear your thoughts!

We just got power turned back on at the office after it went out due to Hurricane Isaac. We should be back up and running as of Friday morning. As long as FedEx comes to make a pickup (it looks like they will!), the remaining 10 or so preorders will go out then.

Thanks for your patience and support, everyone!

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