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size=200]OK, now for the moment you've all been waiting for![/size]

Who: Low Motion Import Tuners in cooperation with Bedlam Entertainment
What: 8th Annual Fall Show & Shine
Where: At ANTIC '08, Windsor NS, Exhibition Grounds - Event Info
When: September 6/7, 2008 starting at noon.

What will be there.

- Show & Shine showcasing some of the top rides of the Maritimes! (Non-competitive)
- Dynomight Portable dynometer ($60 for 3 runs, DynoMight - Automotive Dyno )
- dB Drag stereo competition (details to be announced)
- Huge Prize give-away!
- Site sponsors & vendor booths
- Beer Tent
- Live Dj's spinning all day & night!
- Indoor and outdoor party/rave
- Bikini Contest (If we get interest from the girls)
- Free camping on site

30$ Entry fee ($25 for members) will grant you entrance to ANTIC '08 and all the activities/events within, including the car show, the all night party hosted by Bedlam Entertainment/Z103.5, or if you just wish to only enter the car show it's $10 for non-members & $5 for members (must be wearing a Low Motion T-shirt)

All proceeds going to the Station Days Society, a committee the local community of Newport Station which is just outside of Windsor, NS, has put together to refurbish the recreation center and ball field which over the years has been neglected and fallen apart.

Like all Low Motion events this one will promote safe and mature driving on the streets, so please use your head and act responsibly when behind the wheel.


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Hey Chris, do you know if you have to setup a time for the dyno in advance or do you just ask when you show up? Also, did you ever get that exhaust hooked up?
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