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Quail Man!
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anyone own one of these? they are only $299 at circuit city right now..and most places will match price..walmart has it online, and so does best buy but they are more there. i played with it at CC and i love it.

but all i can find are reviews..and i dont always trust reviews. i cant find any forums for it. everyforum forum i find i searched for just a simple model number "5915" and it came up with like 4 results nothing useful.

and well..i have a $200 gift card from walmart as a christmas bonus. and if i could get walmart to pricematch it from CC for the $299 thatd be awesome. and my mom got me something for about $200 from walmart and i can always take it back if i dont like it..i think its a GPS but a $200 gps cant be that great, ya know?

anywho..any info welcomed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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