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If you want to buy a civic 8th gen sedan and want to know if the car has all original panels? Follow the instructions below on how to find VIN stikers on the car. Disclaimer I am not resposible for any damages etc, etc. I just want to share my findings with other people. Also, I seen some body shops stamp VIN on a replace panel. However this VIN might look different than the rest. Please keep that in mind and always take precausions when buying any second hand car i.e getting carfacts, carproof and taking the car for a proper inspection to the mechanic.

In short, after owning my car for 6 years. I discover that my car has the following VIN tags:

*Engine Chasis,
*Front windshild dash
*Tranny ( it has a metal plate containing the VIN stamp on it) Not sure if Engine has that as well.
*font bumper,
*2x fron Fender,
*2x Front Doors.
*2x Rear Doors,
*2x Rear quater Panel,
*Rear bumper.

A good summary of the locations of the VIN are show on the pic below:

Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Vehicle

All pictures were taken from
45k-Mile 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan 6-Speed and 1,300-Mile 2009 Honda Civic Si Sedan

okay where exacly are the VIN's stikers?

For the Front of the car, you would want to open the hood and then look at the bottom left side of the hinge. Thats where you will spot the VIN for the hood. See sample below
Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive side-view mirror

Next you, can spot the chassis number on the opening on the crow slide door. (everyone knows this one). For the front bumper, you need to remove the plastic trim piece mark with the red arrow. After that, you should be able to see bumper VIN stiker located on the right side of the car. See sample below
Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Grille

Next, we move the the fender and front doors. This is a tricky one so bear with me. You want to open your front doors all the way. Then, position yourself next to the side view mirror on the outside of your car door. Next, look into the opening gap between the outside of the door and the fender. The VIN should be on the fender on both sides (driver / passenger). The VIN should be on the middle high of the fender.
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Speedometer

Next, you will see the VIN on the driver/passenger side door. This is located on the latch side of the door itself.See below.
Vehicle Wheel Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Now, we move to the rear doors, and rear quater panel. For the rear quater panel, you sould have a VIN next to the door sensors (both sides again driver side/passenger) see sample below.
Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Next, Rear doors should have the stiker next to the child lock mechanism. See sample below.
Car Automotive design Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering wheel

Finally, we move to the rear section of the car where we will locate the VIN for the trunk and rear bumper. For this you will simply open the trunk and search for the VIN located on the pic below.
Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Hood

Bonus, want to see if you have the original tranny ? Jack up the car and search for the vin plate on the tranny. Make sure the VIN matches.
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Automotive lighting Automotive exterior
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