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Hey, if you're still interested in using the LED bulbs, I can help you out cuz I am using them. The reason they blow the fuse is because of the way the two inputs and the ground are set up on the turn signal/parking light plug. Basically, the LED dual intensity bulbs have two inputs at the positive end and the ground at the other end. The way the honda harness is set up, basically either the parking light will short out or the turn signal will short out if left unchanged. I switched two prongs on the honda plug so that one side of the plug was for parking lights and the other had ground and turn signal. Then just bend the wires on the LED bulb to match up those inputs/ground and you will have them working. They will however blink twice as fast unless you wire in a load resistor. This does not bother me however. I don't know if that is confusing or if you even want to go that route anymore...haha, but there it is. Let me know if you have questions.
Can you go more into detail about this?

I'm converting my front and rear turn signals to LED,i already installed rears and hooked them up with resistors (don't like the fast clicking,drives me nuts) but i haven't hooked up the front yet.

I thought all the 3157 LED bulbs were wired the same as the stock front turn signal bulbs.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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