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Hi guys.

I see some activity here in the Audio section. I'm planning wiring up my amp and speakers and such using the KnuKoncepts AMP wiring kit. However, I have a Retrofit Source HID power harness already on my positive (+) battery terminal. ANd to make things more difficult, my battery sits in the Hybrid Racing Battery Tray because it's been relocated.

The battery is still in the engine compartment by the way...

The Hybrid Racing battery relocation tray has the terminals in a vert tight spot! I can barely get a wrench on the nut that holds the factory positive terminal.

So, my question is, is it safe to install the amp wire on top of the HID wire on the same battery post? My guess is NO...? I'm looking into aftermarket battery terminals, but I'm worried about clearance.

There has to be someone out there that has a Hybrid Racing CAI and a sound system too. Right?! :pout:
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