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how to fall back in love with the R18...

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hit up the canyons!
agree, disagree?
post ur opinions on how you like driving twisty roads or anything
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see it.

the end!

p.s. i don't have canyons around here.
^where are you at in nc if your in fayetteville me an my crew are meeting up this wen and fri pm if you want to find out more.
Agreed. If you got some R-comps., coils (springs/struts)
Shifting at 7k rpm's always rekindles my love for the R18.. :)
^^ faster then si with a 5 speed. turboed r18 puts out alot more tq then the factory k20
Yah i agree, trade it in for somthing loveable. The base civic doesnt evoke any type or passion what so ever. Its like having a accountant for a spouse.
^^ i agree also if you have a passion for high payments and lots of stress get what ever your heart contents
so many r18 haters jeez....
I had one liked it till I got my fa5. No lie I sold me car as in r18 nhbp with 13000 miles for 21000 I paid 17000 for it got my car now for 20000
trade it in, not with Si. get MS3 or Evo. and spanked those Si badges away... REMEMBER GETTING AN SI IS JUST LIKE BUYING Si BADGE AND A LITTLE MORE HP.lol
i wouldnt trade my EX in for an si. just a waste to me. i would get the MS3 or something similiar

but i still love my EX. the tail of the dragon was fun as hell, and i didnt hold back the si's behind me.
weapon r header. Best loudest sound in the world and my lx pulls pretty well now. Much more powerband.
I wouldnt get a SI either. Its just the same car with 60 more HP and less then 10 ft lbs torque more.
I think i would go for a wrx265, or mazda speed3, or Tsx. Those cars are 10K more though, so im happy where im at .
This thread isn't about other cars. It's not titled: "What car to get that's funner than the r18". I could list 50 cars funner than it. I'm just asking how r18 owners have fun with their cars. If you get an engine swap its no longer an R18 BTW geniuses.
jus be happy with what u got if u can afford something better than thats diffrent
1 - 20 of 73 Posts
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