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I have seen a few videos on the net about this, our keyfobs are flat out pathetic, even with a fresh battery they darn thing only works 50-100 feet away. I have seen a lot of "hacks" FAIL And i applied a hack thats Proven working and commonly used on RC cars and Laptop WiFi cards.

What you do is Either find the housing of the Chrystal (resonator) of the circuit and solder a wire to it. this wire should be a 20-22ga. like a solid phone cord wire. This will effectively give you a lot larger antenna to broadcast the signal.

Here is a video that i found explaining exactly what i did in a generic way.

and what we 8th-geners need to do.

start with a keyfob, for this experiment we used my brothers 06 spare key, as it was the worst for signal. this key for some reason only worked if you where about 5-10 feet from the car.

You will need a #1 Phillips head screwdriver, a flat head, 600-1000grit sandpaper, flux and a soldering iron.

Once you remove the screw you will see indentations on the side of the key fob. You Will want to incert a screwdriver in there and twist, I just used my thumb nail.

Once you pop it apart you will see the guts, Since this is a 06 Canadian Si model it dose not have a trunk release, this is not a big deal. this mod will work with any key and any fob.

You will want to flip it over and take off the protective case. You will want to sand down the crystal case with a piece of sand paper, this will help the solder to adhere better. just like painting solder grips sanded surfaces better.

Don't forget to remove the battery too. Not that it will shock you. but yoy might as well. here you will see what we are looking for, this is the crystal case., you can tap the case of the ground that leads to it. the ground pathway is actually the antenna, but leaving it alone and just adding a antenna i thought would be a good idea.

this is what it looks like up close.

and all sanded., ok i shouldn't say sanded, scuffed.

You will want to fetch two inches of your 22ga wire now and strip a small amount off of the end of it. Sorry that this is such a crappy pic but, here it is soldered on.

Line up the rear case and drill a small hole into the case. this is really hard plastic and will take a bit. Or just burn it with your Soldering iron tip.

Curl the wire like this.

My brother and i started at

-50 feet - and they both worked. its easy to tell them apart because his everyday one has the JDM red cover.

-100 feet - They both still work.

-150 feet - The modded black one is having no problems, the red one takes 3-4 clicks.

-200-300 feet only the modded on still works. the red one dose not. We even tried holding it in different ways. nothing...

Verdict. We effectively doubled the range of a remont that only really worked at 10'....

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