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How to add power to fully stock r18

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I just picked up a full stock 8th gen coupe 5spd and want to know where the best place to start to add some more power.
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Ralco RZ lightweight pulley set which replaces the alternator, water pump and crankshaft pulleys (3). My car is strictly commuter but this frees up a little HP and torque that you can def feel. Wish it was the 1st mod I made years ago when my car was new.
hmmm I thought about doing pullies but I heard of to many horror stories of belts slipping off due to these. Also folks could not really prove you gained any power from doing this. More like risk then reward.
A lot of ppl have had success w pulleys. I made sure the diameter was the same as stock to maintain the same size serpentine belt and that I replace the belt w a fresh one which was due anyways. Underdrive or smaller pulleys typically require a smaller belt size and may result in issues.
My pulleys went on at 220k miles and I’ve done 11K miles without any issues. I recommend them because you will feel better response and actual torque gain thru low to mid rpm range.
Other minor mods I did and felt made an improvement are E3 spark plugs and a drop-in K&N air filter. Also ditched the stock steelies for lighter 16” RSX alloy wheels which wasn’t too noticeable.
Hold on what pullies do you have again. Send a link to them. These so called stock size ones?? I'm sorry but undersized pullies cause belts to slip they just do. Also if you have stock sized pullies you are not gaining any benefit so I don't see how you gained response. What is it made out of a different metal sorry man I call BS. Also if you want better response you need to add a turbocharger or supercharger.
Boosted or NA, these will still be effective in decreasing parasitic losses. I installed them myself and yeah same exact diameter just lighter weight.

1 - 4 of 61 Posts