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How to add power to fully stock r18

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I just picked up a full stock 8th gen coupe 5spd and want to know where the best place to start to add some more power.
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lol this is the R18 section not the Si. So don't suggest he change cars thats stupid and would cost more money. I have a pretty heavily built r18 yes its boosted yes it has a Skunk 2 cam yes it has meth yes full suspension and Custom big brake kit and tons more. Just go look at my profile to many mods to list. So I know a lot I'm one of the OG on this forum when folks just finally got a boost option and hondata, You need to first figure out how much you are willing to spend. That always determines what you can do and where to go. Also how far are you going with this build. Spend some serious time with that and get back with us.
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Ralco RZ lightweight pulley set which replaces the alternator, water pump and crankshaft pulleys (3). My car is strictly commuter but this frees up a little HP and torque that you can def feel. Wish it was the 1st mod I made years ago when my car was new.
hmmm I thought about doing pullies but I heard of to many horror stories of belts slipping off due to these. Also folks could not really prove you gained any power from doing this. More like risk then reward.
A lot of ppl have had success w pulleys. I made sure the diameter was the same as stock to maintain the same size serpentine belt and that I replace the belt w a fresh one which was due anyways. Underdrive or smaller pulleys typically require a smaller belt size and may result in issues.
My pulleys went on at 220k miles and I’ve done 11K miles without any issues. I recommend them because you will feel better response and actual torque gain thru low to mid rpm range.
Other minor mods I did and felt made an improvement are E3 spark plugs and a drop-in K&N air filter. Also ditched the stock steelies for lighter 16” RSX alloy wheels which wasn’t too noticeable.

Hold on what pullies do you have again. Send a link to them. These so called stock size ones?? I'm sorry but undersized pullies cause belts to slip they just do. Also if you have stock sized pullies you are not gaining any benefit so I don't see how you gained response. What is it made out of a different metal sorry man I call BS. Also if you want better response you need to add a turbocharger or supercharger.
Buy a turbo kit off eBay, 450cc inj, 225 intank pump, get a flash pro, run 8-10 psi. Done. On the return less system thats the cheapest way to make power.

Na wise. Dont bother unless youre trying to be different. And believe me im all about being different, if youre looking for pure function turbo the thing.

Ebay stuff isnt too bad for the price. Whats good about most r18 kits is that the mani is a small casting so the dont crack like the tubular ones. My last ebay turbo lasted me 3 years(on my 1.8t) ran me 400 so not to bad.

What turbo kit?? The Emusa kit?? None of those ebay kits are direct bolt on kits. They all will require modification. intercooler piping for one. Hope you get a proper manifold. The great thing about the R18 platform is the boosted options are not to expensive. Avg price for kits is like 3000. But I would be wrong to not mention there is a lot more that needs to go into any car then just buying a kit. Tuning for one exhaust is another etc.
I'm not sure what kits are out there, after I'm done with my SI build I did plan to boost my r18 daily. And pretty much that's exactly how it's going to do it, I'm not the greatest of tuners but I have tuned a good amount of cars that have lasted years. These 1.8 so very Stout so 8 to 10 lb won't cause much problems. Not sure what someone could do with exhaust but I have 2 and 1/2 all the way back on why r18 that I took from my SI.

Still i believe turbochargering these little engines is the best bet. 3k in parts only would yeild some great results. If OP isnt a diy guy then thats a different story.

My R18 has been boosted for awhile now I have a laundry list of mods done to mine. Good choice I might get a 4 door just to Mugen RR it and of course boost it or a s2000 and boost it as well we see. Type-R?!?!?!


SI parts FIT on the R18.

the only peaces that don't would be MOTOR parts because of different engines but exteriorwise interiorwise even bbk kits exhaust would all work just saying but alooooot of my parts are Custom made as I love being One of them Ones
I know exactly what you mean by being one of them ones! After my all-wheel drive systems finished on my car I'm going to be exactly that hahaha. I love my little r18 4 door, I beat the hell out of mine all day and have put some very serious cars to shame on highways in and out of cars. Do you have a build thread I'll take a look?

To the OP boost the thing man. These motors have really good bottom ends, so they can handle a fair amount of boost stock, 8 to 10 lb should have you at least in the 230whp range. In this thing that would be hard to keep up with

I don't make threads anymore. not enough traffic honestly. A thing of the past just look at my about me also have a youtube channel check it out. Lots happening right now to the r18 tons of cool custom mods. Im sure you will enjoy the content and give yourself ideals. If interested I have a lot of custom parts for sale as well spare parts

A completed cabon fiber replacement dash
Weapon r intake manifold
p2p throttle body spacer

etc just to name a few
Boosted or NA, these will still be effective in decreasing parasitic losses. I installed them myself and yeah same exact diameter just lighter weight.

As I stated they had to just be lighter weight to keep the belt from slipping. Now I am interested. I just emailed them to see if I can get a custom set made. I have to be different show folks what a r18 can be. It will be a nice add on for my retune coming up.
just bought the pullies they were on sale last set for 159 so I hopped on it. lets see how much more power I get out my setup will be interesting
got the pullies ill be installing them along with a host of other mods next week. Then a retune shortly after
well well well I installed the Ralco lightweight pulleys today along with the DeatschWerks In-Tank High Flow Fuel Pump. I picked that one over the walbro as its e85 compatible and a direct drop in. With my setup the car defiantly accelerated faster. I loved it now time to install my new AEM truboost Series X controller then I'm back on the dyno hopefully in the next two weeks for a retune. Make some more power but I want more tq for sure on my overly built setup.

Worth the coin for sure as I got it on sale last week but again I am boosted./meth
Ill be poor man boosting my r18a too. Exactly like how listed except with rods pistons and head studs. Hopingi can run 17 to 24 psi.

Megaman what are your numbers youre making? Im building mine just to bully some local competition. Im hoping for 420whp

LOL the highest whp r18 (which is dismantled now) made 515whp 420tq lol you want to compete with that. He was fully built everything. Also here in Texas we have the second highest whp r18. I know him Carlos he is like 420whp 365tq and he has a built motor. The stock motor cant handle more then 300tq so yup your def have to go built if you want those numbers with a big ole boy turbo. I have not decieded if im going that far with building the block yet. I rather finish up doing the built transmission to add LSD and gearing set to increase acceleration. everything else on my car is built
Well id be doing everything except sleeving the block. So ill see how that goes i guess. Im just waiting on the rods now already have pistons, head studs and valve springs. The guy i was competing with is here in canada with a si with a built k24 lol
Im surprised you have not looked into doing a r20 bottom end hint hint. either way once you build the 1.8 you can push it hella far you just need components and to answer your question you have to make a custom fuel rail and return line. its easy to do and I might do this and make a video on how to do this. We see its not required in my current setup but more parts in the engine bay already looks hella cool. watch this video below from my youtube channel YOU WILL SEE CARLOS CAR with the custom fuel rail. its the gold item at top of his engine bay. second highest whp r18 as I mentioned

Well i was considering that but i couldnt source a crank from anywhere, apperently the r20 is from Europe. I havethe motor pulled apart and notice the the r18 actually has a vtec lobe on the came even though its not used the traditional way. Ima try to revert it back to the original vtec and see
best to just leave its alone. just build the motor normally. You can get 400whp by doing your traditional build anyways. Why create another failure point.One more week and I go in for my final tune on these mods. got the truboost installed and psi turned down to 6 until the retune. LOL I love boost but we get there. I might build the motor later in the year or next year depends s2000 and a built tranny are calling me
So i ended up building a motor and turboing the car. I did a street tune up to 15psi and the car feels nuts. Dyno this thursday

so now im interested in what you lay down. motor is built you said since the last comment I have done a lot but as you know covid has slow down a lot of progress. the pulleys made a difference I made more tq as expected with a tune. I want to see what you end up doing. how much for the built motor total and whats in it exactly. 15 psi nice. I still have a lot of room to grow in mine thinking about getting innovate electronic boost controller. aem truboost was not acting the way it should
that all sounds bad to be honest. Boost spiking is not good man. that should have been the first indication something is seriously wrong with the build or I would say the tune. Im surprised you even turned it up with it not being tuned properly. There are several packages for pistons and rods made for the r18 all that you listed I am not familiar with so there's that. Blowing a motor sucks and just puts more time and money down the drain. sorry about that been there done that.

Im still thinking if I even want to build this motor or not. I just want my 270whp/260tq. Im more concerned with looks and acceleration. Right now im so on the lets get a fully built transmission. that will increase my acceleration by 20% and I can get a LSD. WIN WIN.
ok ok ok now I understand you and your direction with this. It does not sound like your doing a serious build of the r18. its more of a fun project type thing. if it blow oh well. I am more of a pioneer I could not nor would I ever want to do a throw away build. I rather push the tech for other people to show them a pathway to more power safely or what mods actually do.

I also get builds like yours they have a place as well. Just F***ing around type thing. Good thing is your messing around could lead to new discoveries in the platform as well as pushing tech.

Cool Cool. I see a r20 I hope that shortblock is more on the serious side so I can investigate if that bottom end is worth building or just build the 1.8 hmmmmmm
you still working on that bolt. while we talked last time i just got my car back after a month. It is now Orange need to update my profile pic once i get new rims added this week
I saw your video with MarkX, MA nice build with R18. Just sold my K20 FD2R setup in Faisalabad and now also looking to boost R18, Don't know if we can attach LSD of DC5 with R18.

Ummm Mfactory makes a HLSD and gears and final drive for our tranny. Go with them for sure. My R18
Is fully built as well. Built long block turbo all suspension work custom BBK all I need is axles (ordered) and built tranny coming this month 👍😉
You can’t flashpro or use any Hondata on a R18. People may claim it but it’s just a claim . Any video Proof ? Times? You just can’t do it . R18 is mapped and built for a great MPH . Honestly get a pedal commander . It’s legit . It’s just a jump of your throttle mapping and your mileage will drop tremendously but you asked for speed or power . This gives the illusion of both and you do it yourself.
I assume your trolling hard. You use flashpro. My car fully built and built transmission on flashpro. Don’t use pedal junk. They make it for R18 and k20
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I’ve been scrolling this forum for a while now and even now in 2023 you’re still in here which surprises me, and yes I know this is an old comment but in your opinion, Is boosting an r18 with stock internals worth it?

That’s a subjective ? Honestly, yes and no. What I said above is true how far are you going with this?? What’s your budget are you ready to also replace wearable items as well. Example LCA slave cylinder brakes suspension thermostat to name a few. You just don’t slap a turbo or supercharger on and go. There is a lot that has to come along with it to make it effective

Avg prices

Upgraded clutch 550
Bigger fuel pump 170
Custom headstuds 200
Bbk or better brake pads 400
Hondata 700
Tune 650
Guages 500
Guage pod 150
Engine mounts 450
Bigger radiator 170
Tbolt clamps 60
Downpipe 150
2.5 or 3 exhaust system 600
Total: 4750

Turbo kit 3594 add 99 for Rdx 410cc and pigtails
Kraftwerks supercharger kit 4205

Let’s not forget labor if you’re not installing all this yourself which varies by shop.

2500 to install all above

So your looking at
Turbo 10943
Supercharged 11455

The above is require don’t let others tell you otherwise. I been down this road already. We are not even talking about downtime
As well to get parts in and installation etc. have another car to drive as well. Now when you boost a car other parts will wear down as the car was not intended to be boosted and your handling will be bad as well. Takes to long to shift into gears sooooo Aka mod bug

Megan racing front/rear tie bars
Megan racing hbeam brace
Stoptech steel braided brake lines
Steel braided clutch line
Eibrach sway bars
Stoptech/DBA drilled rotors or slotted
Inshane axles
Hybrid racing short shifter
Etc etc

So yes you can do this on stock block but I can guarantee you will blow the motor if you don’t get custom headstuds and you can’t go over or even near 300whp/300tq as you will bend a rod. Ask me how I know lol.

I’m now fully built head fully built Shortblock fully built Mfactory transmission yes with HLSD added waaaaay bigger turbo every suspension mod in the book lol. Monday I’m installing

Megan racing LCA
Megan Racing Rca
Megan racing rear adjustable arms
Torque solutions stiffer exhaust hangers

Why original oem bearings are shot and I hate squeaks and rattles. Also time to get alignment perfect.

So look at the numbers above just to get started if you’re cool with that then welcome to actually modding a car but some of these parts will get discontinued as you’re seeing due to age and EPA. Boost options are drying up Fast for the 8th gen.

Oh and yes I have a back up full Kraftwerks supercharger kit. I’m manual transmission so Turbo all the way I’m going to build my friends auto 8th and use the kit on that should be some fun comparisons

One more thing have a place to get Hot state inspections as well cause after you boost you not passing an inspection since things will need to be tuned out. Most never think of that first.

So ask me anything I’m Truly fully built R18 civic. I’m not talking theory or maybes I have done it. Now I’ll doing it again with auto version all will be the same path just supercharged this time and if you have Choices Always go built motor so you are not limited you can buy entire low mileage r18a long locks for 800 then just upgrade internals and turn up the boost for real power
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