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I have a brand new, 2009 Civic Hybrid, Black. I've had it for just a month and I'm heartsick over the scratches.

After noticing my side view mirror turned in, and seeing the snow smeared on the hood, I figured that one teenager was chasing another around the car and one kid wound up with his back on my hood.

There's a small indentation, like a dime, in the roof. (I got a suction cup and pulled out 99% of that but there's an ever so slight dent.) How much to fix?

I have a nick in a door. I bought touch up paint, specific to this car, this exact color. But I'm not satisfied with the result.

Hood: The kid's jacket must have smeared on it and scratched it as he pulled himself off of my hood. Lots of hair thin scratches that can be seen in the sun.

Fender below hood: Scratches probably from the same kid's heel on his shoe.

These are all "minor" or "slight." If the car were three years old, I'd not mind as much. But it's BRAND NEW.

To have something like 4 areas of the car where there is even tiny damage is making me sick to my stomach.

If I don't go through insurance, how much do you think it would be to repair?

Let's say, repaint the hood and the front bumper and the one door.

Anybody have an estimate?


Teenagers suck.

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After looking at some detail jobs on this forum posts, I am pretty sure that a good detailer could take most of your scratches out. Post some pics and ask the experts if that's possible. Plus there is a touch up paint DIY. Better than repainting the car.
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