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Just wondering how many of you kids out there have more than one set of wheels.

I'm considering picking up my second set (excluding my stocks) but I feel spoiled doing it.

First set: 16" Acura CSX stocks (want to get rid of them soon)

Second set: 18" Volk CE28 Bronze [used] (theyre on it way... :thumb:)

Third set (considering): 17" Acura CSX Type-S

If I add another 500 on top of what im dishing out for these wheels I can pick up a full body kit painted and installed :SHOCKED:

My car is pretty much stock except the wheels and LED mods so I could use lowering springs, a body kit, etc.

But these wheels that I'm considering are so rareeee... :eek:hnoes:

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I own 4 sets ATM, although I don't think that I'm the person you're meaning to attract here..

99-00 OEM EM1 rims
94 Olds OEM alloys
94 Buick Steelies
82 Datsun "star" wheels


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Just 2 sets here...
07 stock EX wheels (using for the winter)
07 stock Si wheels for summer
same here these are my 2 exact same sets as well. im sorta feeling to get some volks in the future.
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