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Hey all. I don't think this is a super common problem as I only found a few small posts on this topic from over the years, but I hadn't ever seen anyone post a fix so here we go!

So basically, inside the guts of the armrest is a plastic component that goes from the latch at the front to the spring loaded hinge in the back. Everything else bolts to this. This component is the main structural component of the arm rest and it seems to be what breaks consistently based on other's posts. Mine broke a few inches from the hinge, so when the arm rest broke away it left a jagged plastic part behind that the spring-loaded hinge pointed straight up in the air.

I didn't think that glue would be enough to keep it together, so I went with a combination of 1" aluminum strips and Gorilla brand 2 part epoxy (the one that comes in the syringe). I cut 2 strips, approximately 5" each, out of some 1" wide aluminum stock I had in the garage. The strips then had a few holes drilled in each one and the strips were then pop-riveted to the bottom of the arm rest. Be sure to place each strip a bit off to the side to avoid covering up the screw hole in the middle-bottom of the armrest. I also made sure to slather both sides of the crack with the epoxy to give it some additional strength, as well as got it under the strips. When I was done it looked like this:


So this may seem pretty unsightly, but the plastic cover that goes on the underside of the armrest will completely cover it and it shouldn't interfere with the sliding mechanism at all. I hope this helps someone!
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