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How do I adjust headlight aim??

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Installed HIR low beams, but aim is too low. I don't want to blind oncoming drivers, but want to aim slightly higher.

Can anyone tell me how to adjust headlamp vertical aim?

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will do

one shines brighter then the other one, so i changed the bulb.. same problem so i got down and saw they're angled differently
yea same thing happened to me just make sure they bulb is screwed in correctly sometimes it can be a pita
ill have to double/triple check the drivers side tomorrow... its dark n im kinda tired lol
You guys that have aimed headlights no whats wrong with mine, even my DRL's are screwed up.

Please take a look: http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/lighting-h-i-d-s-neon/205277-hids-looking-weird.html
:eek:hsnap: I just got a 09 SI Coupe this weekend, and driving home from work at night, the lows are like under 10 feet of throw pattern. Grossly over driving them at highway speed. I have a stupid question...where is the screw head? Do I have to go at it from under the hood or is it able to be done hood down? Thanks for any help in locating this thing. RogueRn.
No way to adjust the hi-beam alone huh? Previous poster said it was one unit. My high beam/drl is higher on the right side (I know its supposed to be like that) but it looks odd to me...i'd rather fix it.

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If I install my hid kit without touching the stock aim position will my HID's be aimed properly or will I have to adjust the bulbs?
^^the light will be all scattered, not too focus compared to halogen.
^^the light will be all scattered, not too focus compared to halogen.
So in other words I need to re-adjust them so they aim properly
81 - 89 of 89 Posts
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