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HONDATA RELEASES full tuning!!

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get ready all you turbo and supercharger peoples.. we now have an answer to our dreams.


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i think were a little off topic here.

Cleaned up. Keep this thread on topic or I'm tossing it.
I'll take you up on that. $500 says the first FlashPro will ship in June. Put your money where you mouth is.

Yes, we'll record the owner's details and send them a FlashPro once it goes on sale. Another consideration is that some people will not be able to wait around all day to see if someone at 4:59 is going to better their power.
Note that the second prize is now a half price FlashPro - otherwise I'm almost certain the 2nd place getter would want to upgrade anyhow.
i knew it lol. wish i could make this dyno meet
301 - 304 of 304 Posts
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