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HONDATA RELEASES full tuning!!

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get ready all you turbo and supercharger peoples.. we now have an answer to our dreams.


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Have you ever asked Hondata a question about their products? What happens?
We answer. What would you like to know?
Not really. We believe in educating people. We prefer our customers to be smart and make informed decisions.
We're not sure of the gains from tuning for either the reflash or base calibration, but 3-10 whp might be the closest guess - it will vary with every vehicle. Your best bet problem is to use the FlashPro with the CT calibration. This will essentially be the same as the reflash, but gives you more flexibility in the future and you don't need to send the ECU in.
the dynapack is probably the most inaccurate of all the dyno methods because you don't even have your wheels on...

Actually the opposite is true. Scientific testing involves minimizing variables. Without wheels you do not have the variables of:

- Inertial mass
- Tire pressure
- Camber
- Castor
- Toe
- Tire growth throughout the dyno run changing your drive ratio

Inertial dynos do not measure power. They measure acceleration and calculate the power. A subtle but important difference.

A Dynapack can pick up a single cylinder misfire with the drivetrain mass removed.

We can repeat dyno runs on a 930 HP turbo K series engine with less than 0.5 hp variation.

In the end though a dyno is a tool to determine your % torque & power changes while tuning.
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DevilDoc87 said:
i bet we wont get it until July...
I'll take you up on that. $500 says the first FlashPro will ship in June. Put your money where you mouth is.

did hondata specifically say they are giving a free flash pro that day. i mean i haven't done any research but i got the feeling that the winner of the freebie will be given a ticket of some type and have his mailed to him or something
Yes, we'll record the owner's details and send them a FlashPro once it goes on sale. Another consideration is that some people will not be able to wait around all day to see if someone at 4:59 is going to better their power.
Note that the second prize is now a half price FlashPro - otherwise I'm almost certain the 2nd place getter would want to upgrade anyhow.
1 - 5 of 304 Posts
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