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HONDATA RELEASES full tuning!!

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get ready all you turbo and supercharger peoples.. we now have an answer to our dreams.


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ill probably stick to the stage 2 reflash. I dont know jack about who in NC would be able to tune the thing for me.

Now if CT would come up with some type of cooling for us CT guys.
no problem. The have several years of experience with hondata products and I am sure they will be tuning with flashpro when it is released. Im excited too.

Does it now make more sense to turbocharge than go with ct stage 2? I like the reliability of the supercharger, but with the power to fine tune a turbocharged setup I am wondering what to do. I believe 300whp is enough and ultimately where I want to be....
I bet we will start seeing abunch of custom setup apear now.
I hope this just aids in Redshifts progress towards getting their S/C kit ready for the Si.

They already got it running on the RSX. Now all they have to do is fab up the intercooler piping on the Si and sell the damn kits.
i wonder how much that is gonna cost... i'd love to be intercooled.

might be cheaper to get meth.. a 3inch pulley and port the blower though :p tune it all up after that. should be good for 330-350whp.
ported blowers FTW.

i wish i had like 2 grand right now. lol i've got all these ideas.. too bad the cash flow is weak right now :p
A while back the were saying the kit was going to be sold with the option of running the lysholm twin screw blower or the eaton m62 roots.

If thats still true it will just be a matter of the new adapter plate to mount our eaton blowers on their manifold.

If that ever occurrs you can bet your ass ill be getting their manifold and flashpro.
1 - 4 of 304 Posts
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