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HONDATA RELEASES full tuning!!

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get ready all you turbo and supercharger peoples.. we now have an answer to our dreams.


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Its not out yet, and you people are going crazy.


Question, will our redline exceed 9krpms now if tuned for it to?
the k20a/a2/z1/z3 generally won't make power past 8600 rpms on a stock longblock whether it be all motor or forced induction.

i have cams in my setup along with aftermarket valvetrain and i'm revving to 8850 but with cams i'm sure i'm making power possbily up to 9k. but i leave it to 8850 because past that the stock rods will take a **** lol.

it's brian with the yellow ep btw
Hey man whats up, I didnt know you were in the 8thcivic.

Damn, I wish I kept my turbo, its less noisey then my supercharger, and now with a full tune, damn this supercharger is gonna be a hell lot louder then it is now.
i just joined a few weeks ago because i was expecting hondata to release their fully tunable solution for the 06+ si and they now have.

i've been tuning k-pro for a few months in the south florida area. i've been doing it for free just to get more experience but now i'm going to be charging. i made a thread on clubrsx in the south florida for sale section.

i'll make a similar thread on this forum once flash pro is released to the public.
1 - 2 of 304 Posts
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