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HONDATA RELEASES full tuning!!

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get ready all you turbo and supercharger peoples.. we now have an answer to our dreams.


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who the **** is jeff evans. :rotfl:

I suggest Tyrone Biggums, he can help you people pre-order.
Wanda, i finally gotchu the rock you always wanted!
they are obviously ready, if they are giving one away on the 7th, and im SURE they didnt finally finish one that day and decide to give it away. MY guess is that people are still ordering the reflashes and they dont want to kill any business that they can make before releasing their new product, especially since IMO i dont tihnk anyone will purchase a reflash over the flashpro...
dont get me wrong, i want the flashpro, im not the antagonist, im just saying how I see it... and how i tihnk its coming out.
Im just saying, its business, and I understand, but i still think its because they are selling reflashes and want to keep selling them while they can. I dont really care about that, its a business.. your in it to make money.. but i want it now :(
if that's their sinister plot why the F would they tell you about the flashpro before it was ready for sale...use your brain dude
once again, IMO to keep the Hondata bandwagon fanboys from running to COBB. No need to be rude, we can all be douche bags, im just saying what i THINK is happening, think of it as a business stand point, instead of Hondata being a personal friend and thinking im making a personal attack on them...
@ the other posts, I believe they will be giving it away that day. They had already said, they will be allowing the USEAGE of the FlashPro to also get dyno results. So once again, IMO (lol) i believe they will give one out that day. But no one really knows..
^ in a sense it is ILLOGICAL, but if you can think of it like this..

Im selling this reflashes to help out your car, im still selling them and making money, now I have another program to fully tune your car instead of a generic reflash... once i release this, people are going to stop spending money on the reflashes, and only buy this new tuning program.. lets wait out the stage2 release just for a few weeks and sell what we can of the stage2 flashes, then minimize the loss of r&d for the stage2 reflash and start selling the new tuning program to start making up for the r&d on that program..

I dont know if you can undertsand how i wrote it, but thats how i am thinking it in my head.. but its only speculation at its worse. either way we at least have knowledge that omg we have a tuning solution. which is freaking amazing.
BUT than again, it could all be about maintaining customers, and they simply do not have enough in stock atm to send out to their vendors, fearing back-order im sure they want to have as many possible when it releases.. thats a good reason for the hold up as well, in my personal opinion..
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