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HONDATA RELEASES full tuning!!

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get ready all you turbo and supercharger peoples.. we now have an answer to our dreams.


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This may sound like a dumb question but am I going to really need to get the flashpro from Hondata if I get the stage 2 reflash with the kit? How much better could it get since Hondata will have already worked there magic on my ecu specifically for the CT-E stage 2?
you could expect another 10-15whp with no other changes other then getting a professional tune with the flashpro vs the reflash.
it will be set up 100% for your car at your altitude and be able to change more factors then the reflash.

IF it can do what i think it can. llike kpro does.
only hondata could answer that correctly though.
a lot of people are talking about this...

the reflash is optimized for the CT stgII...I suspect if you bought the flashpro on top of everything you had you probably wouldn't be able to get much more power out of your setup without compromising reliability...
Think of it this way. with the CT-E stage 2 it comes with just a reflash so that your car runs fine without problems which is done to your stock ECU Flash pro is a plug and play systems where you will be able to Tune your car adjusting different features. This is why if you want to get Flash Pro to further max out the performance of your car they are going to credit you $150 dollars to upgrade from the Reflash ---->>>Flash Pro. :thumb:
rsx guys are running the 3.15 pulley just like us only there making 300whp and above. with just kpro as the difference. and many of them choose rc 650's instead of the ct injectors.

stage 2 was hitting around 287 if i remember hondata's website dynos.

thats a big difference. the reflash can't control cam angles and ignition as well as kpro or the flashpro so there is more power to be made imo.
Thanks for the discussion guy's!

I think I'll just go ahead with the stg 2 and the reflash for it and then if later on peeps are finding out the flashpro is adding significant increases in performance above and beyond the reflash then I can always get it.
This is just great. I have things to do today but I'm stuck here on this thread hitting the refresh button!! :banghead:
no problem. The have several years of experience with hondata products and I am sure they will be tuning with flashpro when it is released. Im excited too.

Does it now make more sense to turbocharge than go with ct stage 2? I like the reliability of the supercharger, but with the power to fine tune a turbocharged setup I am wondering what to do. I believe 300whp is enough and ultimately where I want to be....
I believe you just answered your own question. :thumb:
not only rsx owners though........:giggle:
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