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HONDATA RELEASES full tuning!!

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get ready all you turbo and supercharger peoples.. we now have an answer to our dreams.


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Its not out yet, and you people are going crazy.


Question, will our redline exceed 9krpms now if tuned for it to?
dont know if its been answered yet but id like to know if there is any deal for us that purchased the stage 2 reflash for the cte sc.
also does this have the ability to save your current ecu configuration incase you need to flash back for any reason
I can answer those.

Yes. It was stated in the hondata site. Discount, $150 off. overnight shipping is free.

As for the second one, its a software you have to upload to your laptop, so im sure you can save alot of maps on your laptop, but I think the question you need to ask is if once you send the ECU to hondata, will they erase your Reflash, if so, I think you need to keep your reflash for in case you need a back up tune.
it's brian with the yellow ep btw
Hey man whats up, I didnt know you were in the 8thcivic.

Damn, I wish I kept my turbo, its less noisey then my supercharger, and now with a full tune, damn this supercharger is gonna be a hell lot louder then it is now.
We need the ability to pre-order Doug .
I doubt they will be like Comptech superchargers that are backedup in orders.

When its released, I dont think they will sellout fast.
Not all of you have 800bucks.
Im sure they have enough FlashPros to please everyone.
who the **** is jeff evans. :rotfl:

I suggest Tyrone Biggums, he can help you people pre-order.
1 - 7 of 304 Posts
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