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HONDATA RELEASES full tuning!!

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get ready all you turbo and supercharger peoples.. we now have an answer to our dreams.


edit: link fixed.. moderators had merged 2 threads.
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where do i sign??? lol i was about to go tune my emanage this wendsday one more time... time to cancel the appointment.. no but seriously any pre orders?. id like to insure me one of this ones...
wait, can you use this on several ecus? or would this just work on one ecu ? like if one person buys it then another can use for their car?
Just checking this thread againg making sure I wasn't just wasted and imagining things LOL
HONDATA, are we going to be able to use the ONMNI 4 BAR MAP SENSOR with the flashpro??? thank you!
oh ok good.... i thought u need it one for the intake header and cams... since im gonna be pushing hardcore power....hahaha jk ya im already boosted heheh... and ur right i wont be pushin like 40psi, but its just that the omni maps are good map sensor, just less money to spend the better.
1 - 7 of 304 Posts
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