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That is bullshit for those that have reflash already to spend another $645. I myself being one of them they said prior our original reflash would be credited.

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ok so im a newb when it comes to tuning......i have some questions if you guys dont mind......My current set up with my 06 si is......

Injen SRI----which is bogging my ride bad
Buddy club race header
Skunk2 70 mm exhasut
P2R Fuel rail
1 step colder spark plugs
NX 50 shot with all the goodies.

Will this Hondata flashpro benefit me in anyway? I have no reflash for my car, is that reccomended for using this?

Someone smack me for being such a newb!

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FlashPro features

* Programmable ECU interface.
* Connects via OBDII diagnostic port.
* USB 2.0 connection
* Works with Laptop or Desktop
* No ECU modification necessary.
* 90 second ECU programming time.
* 20 hours on board datalogging memory.
* FlashProManager Windows software.
* Check and clear diagnostic codes.
* Custom laptop gauges.
* Theft mitigation

2006+ Civic Si / Civic Type R tuning features

* Choice of AFM or MAP based tuning.
* Support for MAP based forced induction.
* Support for larger injectors.
* Ignition, fuel, cam angle table editing.
* VTEC window.
* Rev, launch and speed limiters.
* Race vehicle sensor disabling.
* Plus other compensation and trim tables.
* Map tracing
1 - 20 of 304 Posts
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