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Hondata announces the FlashPro

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Hondata is pleased to announce a new tuning product - the FlashPro. Initially this will available for the Civic Si and Civic Type R.

The FlashPro allows you to custom tune your Civic Si for aftermarket performance products, including forced induction. Additionally you can datalog, graph & analyze your engine parameters.

Out of the box features which you will like is the ability to run any sized injector, switch to a speed/density (MAP) based calibration to bypass any air flow meter problems from forced induction and big cams, and use a VTEC window. There also are the usual table editing and parameters such are cam angle, ignition, fuel, closed loop etc.

The price is $695, including tuning/datalogging software, and the expected release date is in June. June this year, if you’re in doubt.

For more information see FlashPro

We will update the above page with answers to your questions as they come up.

Thank you for your patience – we’ve been looking forward to this moment for some time.

Answers to questions. Disclaimer: some features may change by the release, but we're trying to give the best answers we can at the moment to your questions.

- Are there base calibrations?
Yes, for all common part combinations, plus JR and CT superchargers.

- Do I need dyno tuning?
It is not necessary for common part combinations (intake, exhaust), but you still have the option of custom tuning if you wish to get a little more. Camshafts probably will need tuning to get the most of the them - it will depend on the camshaft manufacturer.

- Can I get rid of the AFM?
You can switch to a MAP based calibration (recommened for forced induction and/or cams). You need to still physically retain the AFM because it also contains the IAT sensor.

- CT supercharger Stage 1 owners may choose to upgrade directly to the FlashPro.
If you paid a deposit for a Stage II reflash, you will need to discuss upgrade options with whoever took your deposit as neither CT Engineering or Hondata take deposits.

- Will this work on R18s or automatics?
Initially the FlashPro is for the US/Canada Si and Euro/Asia CTR. ECU part numbers are listed on our website.

- Will this work on more than one vehicle?
The FlashPro is locked to one vehicle. It can be unlocked and transferred to another vehicle by returning the ECU to stock.

- Can I share the calibrations I make for my car?

- Do I need the laptop in the vehicle to reflash the ECU?
No. The FlashPro can upload either with or without a laptop.

- Is there a VTEC window?
Yes. This means that VTEC will operate based on rpm and engine load. For example, the supercharger reflashes have a VTEC window from 3200 rpm - 6000 rpm. At full throttle, VTEC operates at 3200 rpm. At light throttle, VTEC operates at 6000 rpm, and for load between full and light the VTEC will shift between 3200 rpm and 6000 rpm. (Engine load (MAP) is actually used to determine the switch point, but I've use throttle to illustrate the example). You can see some of this in a screen shot http://www.hondata.com/images/flashp...n-ignition.gif
Note that a VTEC window is more than just a VTEC point which you can vary by rpm - it has load characteristics too.

- So does that mean 1 unit Hondata flashpro can only work with one ecu or car only? Which mean i can't buy one set flashpro and used it together with a few of my buddies civics?
On ECU and vehicle at a time. You can unlock the FlashPro by returning the ECU to stock, and then transfer to another vehicle.

- Does it have control over DBW?
Yes, but we don't change anything to do with DBW. The first reason is that there is no need to - the DBW control works fairly well as it is. The second reason is for legal liability.

- Any option of immobilizer control?
The immobilizer can not be disabled. We've implemented a number of features designed to protect the owner of the vehicle from theft, and one of these is not to allow the immobilizer to be disabled. This is going to be much less of an issue than previous products because the ECU does not need to be removed / swapped.

- 90 sec programming - does that mean it can't do real time tuning?
Correct. In any case, if you are tuning a vehicle, you need to wait longer than 90 seconds between dyno runs in order to maintain consistency between runs. If you think you could set the dyno up as constant rpm or load, and then tune each cell in each table, this type of tuning does not work because the engine temperature and therefore output changes fairly rapidly, prohibiting this type of tuning.

- If the ECU had been reflashed by another maker, can Flashpro still work?
Probably - we could tell you based off the ECU part & serial numbers plus the calibration ID. When you unlock the FlashPro it will only be reflashed back to a stock calibration.

-Will this support a 64-Bit windows vista?
Not at first. We need to make sure the USB driver is working 100% before handing over the money to Microsoft, because after that every change to the USB driver incurrs a substantial cost to re-certify.
Edit: We have tested with Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit, and Windows 7 RC1 32 & 64 bit - the drivers work. This is a little puzzling as the 64 bit drivers are signed by us, but not certified by WinQual, so we would not expect them to work on Vista 64 and Windows 7 64 bit.

- can it control nitrous?
Not at the moment. However, you can at least control the ignition timing to make nitrous safer.

- Preorders?
Hondata is not taking preorders, but some of our dealers are.

- Will dealers need a software license?
No. Every FlashPro will come with the full tuning software FlashProManager.

- Are there training materials?
Three training videos to the FlashPro page.

- I have X intake, Y header and fluffy things hanging from my mirror. How much power will I make with your system?
I can take 5 stock, same model Hondas and make 5 different power figures on one dyno.
I can take one Honda to 5 different dynos and get 5 different power figures.
There are a huge number of combinations of cam, intake, header and catback. Some parts work and others do not. This system will allow you to tune your airfuel ratio, ignition and cam angle to match your combination of parts and fuel type. We are providing the tuning ability. The power you make is up to your (intelligent) combination of parts and tuning.

- Does it fix the rev hang?
Yes. The rev hang is the result of the injectors continuing to provide fuel for a period of time after the throttle is closed. This time is reduced by the calibrations provided with the FlashPro and the revs drop much sooner after throttle liftoff.

- Can it eliminate the second o2 sensor?
Yes. The secondary oxygen sensor is used to monitor the catalytic converter efficiency and assist with closed loop operation. For off road racing use in which a catalytic converter is not desirable, the secondary oxygen sensor can be disabled using the FlashProManager software without any negative affect on the tuning or operation of the car.

- What about smog with a MAP calibration?
According to US and CA law the FlashPro is for off road use only. However, if you did smog you would find the readiness codes supported and complete.
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with the announcement of cobb entering the ring hondata steps it up and takes the first punch. w00t.

full tunning ftw!

hondata could we expect decent gains over the ct stage 2 set up usuing the new flash pro to tune vs the reflash? i'm guessing it would make quite a difference having full cam angle control as well as many other things..
question for you guys. it says there is a $150 discount for people already with a reflash. well what if some of us CT-E stage 2 guys have bought our package and dont get the normal reflash and want to get the flashpro instead, is there some type of discount for that? if not i think there should be and that it should be larger. maybe add like $200 and get flashpro instead since thats the price diff between the two
is there a discount if you already have reflash?
their website says $150
because cobb isnt relesing a full tunning product. there just working on a device the will give you premade flashes based on the info they get from there beta testers..

hondata in less then a month is going to release a fully tunable engine management system.
thats why. this is what everyone has been waiting for.. the market for 8th gens is going to expload and we can finnaly utilze the true potentials of the k20.
Cobb is directed toward F/I while hondata targets Honda's which come N/A.
please please please lemme upgrade to flashpro on the cheap instead of the stage 2 reflash
so 595 for reflash + 795=1090

1090-150=940 :( suck!
so 595 for reflash + 795=1090

1090-150=940 :( suck!
shoulda waited on your reflash

at least you arent like us SCed guys who have paid for 2 reflashes already and will now have to pay for this too!!!
Very nice...........although I'm already afraid of the countless "Should I get Hondata or Cobb?" threads which shall ensue.
Cobb is directed toward F/I while hondata targets Honda's which come N/A.
cobb has been tuning rx8, 350, and g37 for a while now and they are N/A and have had great results . . . at any rate im glad hondata finally released something
shoulda waited on your reflash

at least you arent like us SCed guys who have paid for 2 reflashes already and will now have to pay for this too!!!
waited? i got mine over a year and a half ago
That is bullshit for those that have reflash already to spend another $645. I myself being one of them they said prior our original reflash would be credited.
$150 credit is weak.
you must be happy, now ur able to do an actually tune with you supercharged K20Z3.:coffee::thumb:
yes but it may be awhile before i do. i'm thinking before i switch i might drop the pulley to a 3inch and then run methanol since we can tune for it now.
i'm not really sure. i may be happy with the stage 2 the way it is. we'll see.
i will probably get the flashpro sooner or later but i may not get it right away.
since tunning on top of it will prob be a few hundred dollars.

and like many have said.. us SC guys JUST spent money on another reflash. since we probably can't get the money back for that now i will probably just run the reflash for a while.

this is really great news for all the turbo guys though.. watch how many of them ditch there POS piggy back set ups for a much smoother running higher power producing set up :) can't wait to see what happens.
This is great to hear. Kind of vindicates me for starting the thread about Hondata coming out soon with a programmable unit. There are a number of members here on the forum who should be eating crow right now.
Cobb is directed toward F/I while hondata targets Honda's which come N/A.
Read our post. We have gone to a lot of trouble to switch over the speed/density so that forced induction works correctly.
Hondata, discount for us who purchased the SC upgrade but want to get flashpro instead of reflashed ECU???

also along with my first question, will this have a backup feature to let you copy your current ecu configuration incase you need to revert back to it? say like if you are NA and want to go SCed then you could back up your NA config and if down the line you decide to take the SC off you just use the flashpro to go back to the NA config instead of sending it in
I'm wondering how much control we'll have over the i-vtec...
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