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Just wanted to update you guys, if you hadn't figured it out already. They started requiring a mandatory login and password where I was getting them from. I don't have anything newer, sadly.

I'm totally bummed about this, as these helped me solve a ton of problems in my lemon(s).

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How much will the dealer charge me to fix my 2006 civic with the immobilizer issue ? It starts then dies after 1 sec, because my battery died bought a new battery, now it's at the dealer and I'm worried it will be outrageously expensive? Anyone else have this issue??

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I hope someone keeps reading this...

Im looking for the TSB for the Civic Si 2009. Ive tried looking everywhere for it. I either hit a dead end or there is nothing on the net.

is there anyone on the board who has this tsb saved on their computer?

I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Can anyone provide me with:

November 2006
*2006-2007 Civics: Rewriting the ODO Data to a New Gauge Control Module.
*2006-2007 Civics: releasing a Locked ODO Value After Rewriting.
*2006-2007 Civics w/ Navi: Navi System Maps Matching.
*2006-2007 Civics: Troubleshooting B-CAN and F-CAN DTCs.
*2001-2005 Civics: S/M Fix (Heater Circuit Malfunction).
*2006-2007 Civics: Evaporator Temp Sensor Tests.
*2001-2005 Civics: Got SRS Errors? Replace SRS Unit.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrid: Bad MPI Can Set IMA DTC Errors.

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Do u know of a service board that deals with drivers window rolling back down right before closing? 2008 civic si sedan.
They all do that. I think it happens when you hit the switch too fast when you want to close it. Hold it down for 2 seconds and the window goes all the way down, hold it up for 2 seconds and it fully closes. Hit it for half a second when you want to close it and it brings it goes up then drops to 50% open.

I uesed to think it was a problem, I just hold the switch longer and it doesn't bother me. Someone did post the instructions on how to reprogram the power window function on here, I printed it out but never got around to trying it.

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My 09 sedan has all the 3rd gear issues, so it doesn't fall into place as with 06-08 what can I do to have this taken care of?
where can I find the official tsb's?

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same here. even bouncing off 2nd gear getting on the getting on the highway an GRINDING the crap out of it...pissing me off....A LOT.....

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First time to this forum: where do I find copies of the service bulletins? My dealer wants to charge $736 (est.) to replace the SRS in my 2007 Civic Hybrid because there is an intermittent short that causes the SRS indicator light to go on once in awhile. He says anytime the light comes on during normal driving, it means the airbags will not deploy if there is a crash. Is that true?

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any more updates for 2008 civic Si?

Many users have approached me in the past requesting a copy of the Honda Service News Bulletin that told technicians to swap the manual transmission fluid for their manual transmission vehicles.

I figured that it is high time I made an archive of all the Honda Service News Bulletins that I could get my hands on, as they have proven to be indispensable when used as leverage for dealerships. I, among many others, have had the dealership tell me that there is no, for example, bulletin advising them to replace the manual transmission fluid. Once I produced a copy of the bulletin, they caved.

So here it is. A copy of all of the Official Honda Service News Bulletins that I could get my hands on. Keep in mind that we, as non-Honda technicians, are most likely not allowed to have access to these. I do not work for Honda, nor do I know anyone personally who does. I did some digging on my own and found these.

Of particular interest is January 2006 and January 2007. January 2006 deals with 6-speed manual transmission models getting premature syncro wear due to skip shifting (don't do it!) and January 2007 is the famed "Notchy Transmission? Swap to the new Honda MTF".

I hope these help those of you with problems, whether it is your Civic or another Honda vehicle! I will update these as soon as I dig up the new copies.



January 2003
*1996-2003 Civics: Check Automatic Transmission Fluid to Diagnose Automatic Transmissions.
*2001-2002 Civics: Rear Brake Shoe Kits Now Available.

February 2003
*2001-2003 Civics: Erratic Gauges or Odd Odometer Display? Reset the Gauge Control Module.
*1996-2003 Civics: SRS Indicator On with No SRS DTC(s) Set.
*2001-2003 Civics: Maintenance Required Indicator Doesn’t Reset.
*2003 Civic Hybrids: Maintenance Required Indicator Doesn’t Reset.
*2002-2003 Civic Si: Maintenance Required Indicator Doesn’t Reset.

March 2003
*2001-2002 Civics: DTC P0128 and DTC P1486 Are Interchangeable.
*2000-2001 Civics: Intermittent Overheating or High Temp Gauge Reading.
*1996-2003 Civics: Use EVAP System Function Test to Check for Leaks.
*2003 Civic Coupe: Can the Aero Kit Be Installed w/ Fog Lights (No).
*1996-2003 Civic: Charting the Fuel Gauge and the Low Fuel Indicator.

April 2003
*2003 Civic Hybrid: Valve Pause System Stuck On Setting After Oil Change.
*2003 Civic Hybrid:Reading IMA Errors on 2003 Civic Hybrid.
*2003 Civics:A/C Indicator Should Stay Off in Defrost Mode.
*2001-2003 Civics: Troubleshooting Windshield Washer Nozzle Problems.
*2002-2003 Civic Coupes: Power Steering Whines or Whistles.
*Interesting: Don’t Burnish Synchronizers To Fix M/T Shift Grinding.
*2001-2003 Civic: Key Beeper, Light Chime, Ceiling Light Don’t Work.

May 2003
*1996-2000 Civics: Tripped Sensor Warning Feature Can Help Troubleshoot Accessory Security System.
*2002-2003 Civics: Replace ECM/PCM for Internal Circuit Malfunction.
*2001-2003 Civics: S/M Fix: Dashboard Center Lower Cover.

June 2003
*1996-2003 Civics: Grade Logic Control Explained.
*1996-2003 Civics: What’s This Vehicles Emission Type?
*2003 Civic Sedans: Instrument Panel Brightness Setting Doesn’t Stay Set.

July 2003
*2001-2003 Civics: Ignition Key Gets Warm While Driving.
*Interesting: Clock Gains or Loses Time on 2003 Pilot EX (sound familiar?)

August 2003
*2004 Civic LX/EX: Setting Clock.
*1998-2003 Civic GX: Opening Manual Lock-Down Valves on New CNG Tanks.
*Interesting: Plastic Panel Coating Now Available (for scuffs).

September 2003
*2001-2002 Civics: Front Brakes Squeal, Moan, or Grind.
*2001-2003 Civics: Circular Marks on Rear Glass.
*2001-2003 Civics: Dashboard Center Lower Cover Sticks Out.

October 2003
*2003 Civic Hybrid: Surge, Hesitation, Jerking, Bucking.
*2001-2002 Civics: PCM Software Can Cause Cooling System Malfunction.
*1996-2003 Civics: M/T Hard to Shift into 1st Gear; Grinds in Reverse.
*2001-2004 Civics: S/M Fix (Crankshaft Pulley Installation).
*2001-2004 Civic GX: S/M Fix (Low Fuel Indicator).

November 2003
*1992-2004 Civics: Heater Blower Motor Gets Hot or Blows Fuse.

December 2003
*2004 Civics: 2004 Civics DON’T Come w/ Door Courtesy Lights.
*2001-2004 Civics: Automatic Tranny Fluid Leaks from Cooler Line Banjo Belt.

January 2004
*2001-2004 Civics: Update Replacement Control Unit/Module Software.
*2003-2003 Civic Hybrids: Update Replacement Control Unit/Module Software.
*2001-2004 Civics: S/M Fix (Mainshaft Reassembly).
*2004 Civics: CD Player Locks Up.

February 2004
*Interesting: Clutch Pedal Is Noisy or Feels Notchy.
*2003-2004 Civic Hybrid: Ticking or Rattling After CVT Replacement.
*2001-2004 Civics: Clean Modulator Pump Motor Ground for Motor Lock Errors.

March 2004
*2001-2004 Civics: Unlock the HDS w/ Immobilizer Release Password.
*Interesting: Grinding at Upshifts When Cold on M/T.
*1996-2004 Civics: To Prolong M/T Life, Shift Gears by the Numbers (No Skip Shifting!!)
*1996-2004 Civics: ABS Grunts When Doing a Self-Check.
*2002-2004 Civics: Got an Auto Tranny Fluid Leak? Check Torque Converter Seal.
*1996-2004 Civics: Water Leaks from Door? Check Rain Protector.

April 2004
*2001-2004 Civics: SRS Indicator On After Body Shop Repair? Check SRS Errors.
*1996-2004 Civic HX w/ CVT: Stalling in Reverse or Drive After Doing Shutter, Jutter, Surging, Shock, Noise, or Idle Fluctuation Service bulletin (02-003).
*1998-2000 Civic EX: Automatic Transmission Error After Repair.
*2001-2004 Civics: Repairing Auto Tranny Fluid Leaks Under Warranty.
*1996-2004 Civics: Don’t Test Drive w/ Malfunction Indicator or D Indicator Light On.

May 2004
*1990-2004 Civics: Audio Unit/Navi System Anti-Theft Codes Available.
*2001-2004 Civics: Use the HDS System to Read SRS Error Codes.

June 2004
*2001-2004 Civic: Engine Cranking or Starting Problems After Filling-Up (Gas).

July 2004
*1996-2005 Civics Poor A/C Cooling During Hard Acceleration.
*2002-2004 Civic Hatchbacks: Poor A/C Cooling During Hard Acceleration.
*2003-2004 Civic Hybrids: Poor A/C Cooling During Hard Acceleration.

August 2004
*2001-2004 Civic: Engine Won’t Start? Check Loose Alternator Bolts.
*2001-2003 Civic: Troubleshooting Automatic Transmission Errors.
*2002-2004 Civic Si: Drivebelt Noise? Could Be a Bad Water Pump Bearing.

September 2004
*Nothing of Interest to Civic Owners.

October 2004
*2001-2005 Civics: Slow Power Windows? Check Run Channel Friction.
*2001-2004 Civics: Automatic Transmission Solenoid Replacement Criteria.

November 2004
*2001-2005 Civic: Click or Pop When Pressing Brake Pedal.
*2001-2005 Civics: Manual Tranny Grinds Shifting to 3rd Gear.
*2003-2004 Civic Hybrids: Manual Tranny Grinds Shifting to 3rd Gear.
*2004 Civic Coupe: Sport Suspension Kit Alignment Specs.
*2004-2005 Civics: Got Auto Tranny Errors? Check Switch Combos.
*2005 Civic Sedan: Owner’s Manual Error Alert (Wrong Fuel Requirement Listed).

December 2004
*Nothing of interest for Civic owners.

January 2005
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrids: Replace Correct Catalytic Converter!
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrids: S/M Fix (DTC Troubleshooting).

February 2005
*2001-2004 Civics: Fuel System Too Lean? Check Short-Term Fuel Trim.
*2001-2005 Civics: New Grease for Sanden A/C Comp Thermal Protector.

March 2005
*Nothing of Interest for Civic owners.

April 2005
*Nothing of Interest for Civic owners.

May 2005
*1996-2000 Civics: New Crimping Tool for Igniter Terminals.

June 2005
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrid: Turning the Current Fuel Mileage Display On and Off.

July 2005
*2005 Civics: Engine Starting Problems? Check Immobilizer System Status with HDS.
*2001-2005 Civic DX/VP: Speedometer Needle Sticks; Won't Go Back to Zero.
*2001-2005 Civics: Air Temp from Dashboard Vents Aren't the Same.
*2001-2005 Civics: Speedometer Shops Can Transfer Odometer Mileage.

August 2005
*Nothing of Interest to Civic owners.

September 2005
*1996-2000 Civics: Troubleshooting Dips for CYP Sensor Interruption.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrids: Malfunction Indicator Lamp with a Cooling System Malfunction.
*2006 Civic EX/Si w/ Navi: Why a PC Card Won't Play in the Audio Unit.
*2006 Civics: New Seat Belt Reminder Logic!
*2006 Civics: New Immobilizer System in 2006 Civics.
*Interesting: Maintenance Minder Information/Codes.

October 2005
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrids: Weak 12-Volt Battery Can Cause ABS Operation Signal Circuit Problem.
*2006 Civics: Idle Learn Takes a Long Time to Register Completed.
*2001-2005 Civics: Heater Blows Cool Air When Coming to Stop or at Idle.

November 2005
*2006 Civics w/ AT: Cruise Downhill Without Tapping the Brakes.
*2006 Civics: Let's Talk Keys, Keyless Remotes, and Immobilizer Systems.
*2006 Civics: The Maintenance Minder System (Another Look).
*2006 Civics: Check Fuel Cap, Tighten Fuel Cap Messages.

December 2005
*2001-2005 Civics: How to Tell a Bad FTP Sensor From an EVAP Leak.
*2005-2005 Civic Hybrids: Dead Power Socket? Keep Electrical Load Below Max.
*1996-2006 Civics: Don't Test Drive w/ Malfunction Indicator Light or D Indicator On/Blinking.

January 2006
*Interesting: Skip Shifting is Brutal on Synchronizers.
*2004-2006 Civics: Seven New DTCs Replace Outdated DTCs.
*2001-2005 Civics: Gurgling From Heater Core Accelerating Thru 1,400 RPM.

February 2006
*2006 Civic Si: Check Tire Model Before Swapping Known-Goods.
*2003 Civic Hybrid: Dead 12-Volt Battery? Replace A/C Clutch Relay.
*2006 Civic Coupe: SRS Indicator On w/ SRS Errors.
*2006 Civic Coupe: Trunk Won't Open w/ Release Lever or Remote.
*2006 Civics: Navi Voice Command Problems? Check This Out.

March 2006
*2006 Civics: Got EVAP Canister Vent Shut Valve Close Malfunction? Check EVAP System Vent Blockage.
*2006 Civics: New A/F Sensor Socket for 2006 Civics.
*2001-2005 Civics: Accessory Power Socket Fuse Keeps Blowing.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrids: Accessory Power Socket Fuse Keeps Blowing.
*2006 Civics & Hybrids: Accessory Power Socket Fuse Keeps Blowing.

April 2006
*2004-2006 Civics: Diagnosing EVAP System Leakage? Use TID Info to Pinpoint Problem.
*2006 Civics: Honda Music Link Won't Work After Installation.
*2006 Civics: Unplugging iPod From the Honda Music Link Harness.
*2006 Civics: Reinstalling the Passenger's Dashboard Under Cover in a Civic.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrid: Always Transfer Sensor Ring When Replacing Flywheel.
*2006 Civics: Engine Won't Start?

May 2006
*2006 Civic: Noticeable Ticking Through Audio System Speakers.
*2006 Civic: Replace Seat Frame After Side Airbag Deployment.
*2006 Civic Sedan: Tick or Rattle from Right Front Going Over Bumps.
*2000-2005 Civic HX: CVT Grinds, Whines, Won't Move in Any Gear.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrid CVT: CVT Grinds, Whines, Won't Move in Any Gear.
*2006 Civics/Hybrids: ECM/PCM Replacement.
*2006 Civic Sedans: Wind Noise from Left Power Mirror While Driving.

June 2006
*2006 Civics: Radio Changes Volume By Itself or Fades In and Out.
*2006 Civics: Speedometer and Odometer Read Higher Than Expected.

July 2006
*2006 Civic Hybrids: Brake System Indicator On.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrid: Crackling From Right Front Accelerating or Turning Left.
*2002-2006 Civic Si: Clutch Judder After Short Block or Crankshaft Repair.

August 2006
*2006-2007 Civics: Navigation System DVD Handling Tips.
*2001-2006 Civics: Accessory Power Socket Keeps blowing Fuse.
*2003-2006 Civics: Re-Keying Sidewinder-Type Lock Cylinders.
*2001-2006 Civics: Engine Cranks But Doesn't Start/Immobilizer Light Blinks.
*2006 Civic Sedan: Center Console Gets Hot w/ Heater Running.

September 2006
*2006-2007 Civics: How to Force-Retrieve Maintenance Item Codes.
*2006 Civic Hybrid: Auto Idle Stop Doesn't Work After PCM Replacement.

October 2006
*2002-2005 Civics: A/C Compressor and Condenser Fans Don't Work.

November 2006
*2006-2007 Civics: Rewriting the ODO Data to a New Gauge Control Module.
*2006-2007 Civics: releasing a Locked ODO Value After Rewriting.
*2006-2007 Civics w/ Navi: Navi System Maps Matching.
*2006-2007 Civics: Troubleshooting B-CAN and F-CAN DTCs.
*2001-2005 Civics: S/M Fix (Heater Circuit Malfunction).
*2006-2007 Civics: Evaporator Temp Sensor Tests.
*2001-2005 Civics: Got SRS Errors? Replace SRS Unit.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrid: Bad MPI Can Set IMA DTC Errors.

December 2006
*2006-2007 Civics (Non-Si): Common Errors.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrid: Blown Fuse Causes IMA DTC Errors.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrid: Error Fixes.

January 2007
*2006 Civics (all): Honda Music Link Stops Working.
*2007 Civic Sedans w/o Navi: Owner’s Manual Error: Audio System Welcome Message.
*2006-2008 Civics w/ Manual Transmission: Stiff Shifting? Popping Out of Gear? Replace the MTF.
*2006-2007 Civic Coupes: Windshield Wiper Squeaks While Working.
*2006-2007 Civics (all): Troubleshooting SRS Code (Rear End Collision Detected).

February 2007
*2006-2007 Civic Hybrids: Got IMA Errors? Replace Motor Rotor Position Sensor.
*2004-2007 Civics: Replace Solenoids or Replace Auto Transmission?
*2006-2007 Civic GX: Fuel Gauge Flashing? Check for Open Fuel Fill Door.
*2006 Civic Hybrids: IMA Errors After Jump Starting Dead Batteries.
*2006 Civic Hybrids: A/C COmpressors are Special for Honda Hybrids.

March 2007
*2001-2007 Civics: Electronically Retrieving Audio Unit Serial Numbers.
*2006-2007 Civics: Replacing Drive Belt Auto-Tentioner Pivot Bolt (READ This First!).
2006-2007 Civics: Interior Lights Stay on With All Doors Closed.

April 2007
*2006-2007 Civics: Troubleshooting SRS Error Codes.
*2001-2007 Civic GX: Engine Stalls in Reverse or Drive After Tranny Repair.
*2001-2005 Civic HX: Engine Stalls in Reverse or Drive After Tranny Repair.
*2003-2007 Civic Hybrids: Engine Stalls in Reverse or Drive After Tranny Repair.

May 2007
*2006-2007 Civic Si: Got High Idle or Errors? Check IAB Control Thermal Valve.

June 2007
*2006-2007 Civics: Replacing the Engine Block? Replace Coolant Separator, Too.
*1996-1998 Civic DX/LX: Malfunction Indicator Light On? Check H02S Connectors.

July 2007
*1998-2003 Civics: Got Error? Check for a Clogged Engine Air Inlet.
*2004-2007 Civics: Got Error? Check for a Clogged Engine Air Inlet.
*2006-2007 Civics: SRS Indicator Is On w/o Any Errors.
*2006-2007 Civics: Got Errors? Check for Debris in the MAF Sensor.
*2001-2005 Civics: Cruise Control Doesn't Set? Check for LED Brake Light Bulbs.
*2006-2007 Civics: Calibrating the Compass on Auto Day/Night Mirror.
*2006-2007 Civic DX: Install Accessory Floor Mats By the Numbers!

August 2007
*2006-2007 Civics: Always Charge A/C System to Max Capacity.
*2001-2005 Civics: Return Used ATF Filter Along w/ Failed A/T.
*2006-2007 Civics: Errors After Short Block Replacement.
*2006-2008 Civics: Wind Noise From Power Mirror w/ 3M Stone Guard Applied.
*2006-2008 Civics w/ SOHC Engine: Replacement Short Block Doesn't Come w/ Oil Pump.

September 2007
*2007-2008 Civics: Remember to Reset Power Window Control Unit.

October 2007
*1996-2002 Civic HX: Your CVT Start Clutch Installer Tool May Be Bad.
*1998-2005 Civic GX: Your CVT Start Clutch Installer Tool May Be Bad.
*2003-2007 Civic Hybrid: Your CVT Start Clutch Installer Tool May Be Bad.
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrids: Got Error? Check IPU Module Fan Operation.
*2006-2007 Civic Hybrids: Got Error? Check IPU Module Fan Operation.

November 2007
*2006-2008 Civics: Security System Sounds By Itself.

December 2007
*2006-2008 Civics (non-Si): Install Crankshaft Pulley Correctly to Prevent Oil Pump Damage.

January 2008
*2006-2007 Civics: Bad Electronic Throttle Control Relay.
*2006-2007 Civic Hybrids: Blown No. 61 Fuse (Bad IPU module fan).

February 2008
*2006-2008 Civics: Engine Cranks, But Won't Start.
*2006-2008 Civics w/ Navi: Navi Display Won't Switch to Night Mode w/ Headlights On.

March 2008
*2001-2005 Civics: No Cruise Control? Check for Aftermarket LED Brake Light Bulbs.
*2006-2008 Civics:Malfunction Indicator Lamp On? Check Aftermarket Air Intake.
*2006 Civics: MIL On? Check ECT Sensor 2.
*2006-2007 Civic Hybrids: MIL on? check ECT Sensor 2.
*2007 Civic Si: VSA Activation Indictor On After VSA Modulator Control Unit Repair.

April 2008
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrids: Installing Wrong Replacement ECM Can Cause Canister Purge Valve Circuit Malfunction
*2003-2005 Civic Hybrids: Replacing Flywheel? Transfer Sensor Ring and Torque to Spec
*2006-2008 Civics: Got F-CAN Malfunction? Try Swapping the ABS Modulator Control Unit
*2006-2008 Civic Si: Leaking Head Cover Gasket May Just Be Residual Oil Trail

May 2008
*2006-2008 Civics: Block Halves Leak? Check the Sealing Bolt or Rear Main Oil Seal
*2001-2005 Civic Coupe: Ceiling Light Rattles or Buzzes While Driving
*Interesting: M/T Intermittently Pops Out of 1st Gear

June 2008
*2006-2008 Civics: Which Multiple B-CAN Related DTCs Do I Troubleshoot First?
*2006-2008 Civics: AIRBAG OFF Indicator Turns On and Off With Front Seat Occupied
*2006-2008 Civics: EVAP Canister Vent Shut Value Close Malfunction? Check for Blockage in EVAP Canister Vent System
*2006-2007 Civics: Headliner Edge Sticks out of A-Pillar Trim
*2006-2008 Civic Coupe: Passenger's Door Glass Makes Noise When Moving

July 2008
*2008-2009 Civics: Use Torque Screwdriver to Tighten TPMS Valve Stem Nuts to Spec
*2006-2008 Civics: Excessive Parasitic Draw? Check If the B-CAN System is Awake

August 2008
*2006-2008 Civic Hybrid: Adding Refrigerant Oil or Leak Dye to a Honda Hybrid? Read This First
*2006-2008 Civic Coupe: SRS Indicator On After Replacing SRS Unit?
*2004-2005 Civics: Malfunction Lamp on? check for Bad Throttle Position Sensor
*2002-2005 Civic Si: Malfunction Lamp on? check for Bad Throttle Position Sensor
*2007-2008 Civics: No Communication Between HDS and VSA Modulator Control Unit

September 2008
**Nothing of Interest to Civic owners.

October 2008
*Interesting: Name That Noise From This Handy Chart (helpful for rattles)
*2006-2009 Civics: Can't Find the XM Radio ID? Just View It Electronically
*2006-2009 Civic Si: That Noise From the Drive Belt Idler Pulley May Just Be Normal
*1992-1993 Civics: SRS Indicator Still On? Check Out This Troubleshooting Procedure

November 2008
*2006-2008 Civics: Slide Bar coming Off? Replace the Slide Bar, NOT the Seat Frame

December 2008
*2008 Civic Mugen Si: Civic Mugen Si Under-Spoiler Installation Procedures on ISIS
*2008 Civic Mugen Si: Ordering Civic Mugen Si Replacement Parts and Accessories
*2006-2009 Civics: PC Card Won't Fully Insert into Card Slot? Check for Bent Terminals

January 2009
*2009 Civics: Outdated iPod Compatibility Table
*2009 Civic Hybrid: Outdated iPod Compatibility Table
*2006-2009 Civics: SRS Codes Are Strictly About the SIDE Airbags

February 2009
*2006-2009 Civic Hybrid: Got IMA Code Problems? Replace Motor Rotor Position Sensor
*2003-2009 Civic Hybrids: New IMA Motor Rotor Puller Shipped to All Dealers
*2006-2009 Civics: Moonroof Fully Closes and Then Immediately Goes to Full Tilt

March 2009
*2003-2008 Civic Hybrid: Got Battery Current Sensor Malfunction? Try This Before Troubleshooting
*2006-2009 Civic Si: Malfunction Lamp On for Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction? Check the Knock Sensor Connector

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