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Hey All:

I found this ad in N. California:


that demonstrates that there are dealers that support, and will warrantee, aftermarket additions, hassle-free. They even sell non-OEM parts. Not officially a TRD equivilent, but HFP and AM savy.

Just thought I would point that out. Because after speaking with 3 or 4 of them, the feedback was quite mixed, and those dealers that didn't have offers like this or parts depts. that didn't support AM performance additions, seemed across the board to deal directly with American Honda on these warrantee claim issues. Those dealers that did sell AM parts, seemed 1) much more knowledgeable about upgrades and potential problems with them, and 2) much more willing to make their own determinations and work with customers to fix warrantee problems, under there own discression. That's the kind of dealer I'm looking for. And I'm out to find the right one before I need to, incase my engine or tranny ever blows up under "normal driving conditions-up to the redline!"
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