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Holiday Special - Intake + Catback Combo!

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Hey guys...we're a bit overstocked on the Apexi World Sport II and AEM Cold Air intakes for the 06 + Si, so in celebration of the July 4th holiday, we're doing combo specials on these items all week!!!

When normally purchased off our site, this combo would cost you $804 shipped. We're going to slash pricing now, and this same combo is going to be $759.00 shipped!!!!:eek:hsnap:

This includes the Apexi World Sport Catback for the 06 + Civic Si

and the AEM Cold Air Intake - in your choice of Red, Blue, Silver or Polished

Orders can be placed via Paypal to [email protected], or just give us a call. If ordering by Paypal please don't forget to indicate what color intake you want!!!

Thanks guys!!!!:hitit:
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corsport is selling this same combo for like 100$ less bro
rkalloo said:
nm like 50$ less
1. I'm not your "bro"

2. if someone asked me to beat a price they advertised (they are not advertising this combo), then who says I wouldn't beat it?

Have a little respect for those of us who PAY to be on this site. There are better ways to ask for a discount than trolling.
i was doing YOU a favor by letting you know, thats all. in case some1 decided to check the prices, thats all, in any case, i was out of line, im very sorry
that's why the site has PM's....so price negotiations between private parties can remain private.....
like i said, i apologize for my conduct, it won't happen again
As an 8thcivic sponsor, it looks pretty bad when you get all defensive about someone pointing out a lesser price elsewhere. A simple "I will beat any advertised price" would suffice as opposed to jumping all over his ****. Just a thought. :)
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WHAT A COMBO!!!! I wish I had an Si to put this in :( Bump for Z1 wooot!
....and i wasnt asking for a discount...i was simply letting you know so that maybe you can adjust it...or do what you do....one more time, sorry
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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