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From now through December 31, all customers who purchase Eibach springs from us will get a 10% cash back bonus from Eibach!!!! We have both the Pro Kit and Sportline Kit in stock and ready to go for all year Z's and G's, so tell your friends!!

Sportlines, as used on our Si Coupe!

The Pro Kit lowers your Civic 1.0 inches up front and 1.2 inches out back. The Sport Line (as used on our '06 Si) lowers your car 1.4 inches front and rear. Both springs feature a progressive coil design, meaning that the initial coils on the spring have a soft rate to absorb small bumps in the road, where the lower coils get progressively stiffer. So, as the spring compresses, the spring firms up to offer a comfortable yet sporty feel.

Pro Kit - $225 SHIPPED in the 48 States!

The Pro-Kit is Eibach's premium suspension product and is considered to be one of the world's top performance suspension products. The performance and reliability has been proven in millions of Pro-Kit spring sets sold in all five continents and in over more than 40 countries around the world. An Eibach Pro-Kit is designed to reduce the fender-well gap by safely lowering your vehicle, giving it a more attractive, sportier stance. The Pro-Kit is the perfect compliment to any vehicle, whether in stock form or fitted with a larger tire and wheel package. The Pro-Kit will set your vehicle off from others, giving it "The Look" you want.

Excellent ride quality - comfortable in cruising
Sportive handling in cornering, resulting in improved performance
Lowered center of gravity, increased stability
Enhanced appearance of vehicle
Manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality system as well as TÜV approved
10 year product warranty

Sportline - $225 Shipped in the 48 States!!

The Eibach Sportline Kit is similar to the Pro-Kit featuring a progressive spring design, but the drop is a bit lower for a more aggressive stance. The lower drop, and increased spring rate result in an overall stiffer setup that still has good street manners, but gives a more aggressive look.

Once you've completed your purchase and received your springs, simple click the following link, fill in the details and mail to Eibach, and Eibach will send the rebate check directly to you! Couldn't be easier!

Performance Suspension, Lowering Springs, Shocks, Sway Bars, Coil-Overs, Racing Springs and Wheel Spacers!

To order, just give us a call, or you can send paypal to [email protected]

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