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I'm almost at 300,000 miles and this car is still a high toned son-of-a-*****! Motor has never been breached. New clutch 10,000 miles ago.

I have never had a longer running engine let alone an engine that punched above its weight class and pulled like a dually from day one. And the exhaust note has a deeper resonance...like its been drinking whisky, smoking a d singing in hotel lounges its whole life.

I have often wondered, and this is how much I have pondered the marvel of this particular k20, if a tech at the factory spent extra time with this one? Did everyone who worked on this get laid the night before? Ghost in the machine? Was a worker killed by my motor and his samurai soul now inhabits my car. Actually.... this would explain some shite. Ha

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, of the 3 8th Gens I have owned, this one has had very few issues and has never mechanically let me down. I take more care of my vehicles than most but I also ask more of my vehicles than most.

To the Mighty 8th Gen...Vtech Yo!
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