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What's up internet. It's your boy OMGOrangeSi. I recently purchased a HFP "style" Lip on eBay.

Fitment is 98% perfect! No double-sided tape was provided, just 8 screws.

I just wanted to reach out and ask if anyone else has had experience with Automotive Touch Up. The color they provided was too red. Don't get me wrong, no shade, no tree... I love the products quality. I only wish I had painted on the test card before I painted the actual lip. That's on me. But I continued to paint the lip because the color was so close.

I know that no two cars with the same color are the exact same. Especially on our 10+ year old cars. Mine is garage kept, so I still have that luster and wet wet look... :dancingcoolsmiley:

Apparently, i forgot to buy their clear coat, so I to run down to AutoZone and get some of DupliColor Auto Clear coat. It was a small @$$ can for $10. It barely covered this small body part, and it's quality was NOT on par with Automotive Touchup! Lesson Learned.

On to the pics.

Raw unfinished product test fit.


In direct sunlight:

Indirect Sunlight:


As you guys can see, in lower lighting, you can't tell the difference.

But I have a critical eye. Let me know what you guys think. I'm going to send the test card back in today's mail and see what ATU (Automotive TouchUp) has to say. I called them yesterday and they said send the test card back with the paint and clearcoat on it and they said, "We'll see if the paint code comes back with any alternates."

On my invoice they have the correct color code YR577P "New Deep Orange Pearl/Redline Orange Pearl."

I have no idea what New Deep Orange Pearl is. But if it is a different color that I don't know about, then they need to correct their mistake. I want to give them repeat business, so I want them to see it they can remix the paint with less red so that the orange pops more (color matched).

And yes, I retro fitted those projectors with angel eye halo switchbacks myself as well :eyebrows:
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