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sup everyone OG mike k. aka kmm here back from the dead, its been a crazy few years for me, been crazy at work, almost lost our last and only grandmother two years ago, almost lost my cat last year, sadly ended up losing our grandmother last year :(, i ended up rolling my habbi on my way to work after a tire blew out at freeway speeds, i walked out and was an hour late for work, the boosted habbi ended out being scrapped but i bought it out and took all my parts from it, the sc lives on in a newer us model 2008 habbi...

in the mean time i have taken to also start making stuff and posting it to youtube


started to brew my own sake, korean rice wine, mead and banana brandy (i did say started to ... as in like 3 weeks ago) i hope to be tasting the first of the brews early next week,

i still do tshirts, decals, fog light lenses and led light retros

look me up on facebook if people still use that
bbm is 2BCBB1A8 if anyone still uses that..
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