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I got a used civic 2008 last year around august, everything has been fine until 4 months back when cruising around speed between 26 kmph to 45 kmph on a steady RPM at 2K or below, the car would suddenly jerk then make a bearing grinding noise a few seconds then stops as the speed increases or i take my foot off the gas pedal.
I did a lot of drain and fill, cleaned the shift solenoids and filter, problem still persisted, so i kept on managing it that way until last month i noticed when i get to about 67 kmph the transmission slips for a second before it up shifts. And last 2 weeks ago when i was trying to make a turn after reversing and putting back in D, there was a heavy kick coming from the tranny, and the car couldn't get into first gear, i could feel driving in 2nd gear.
So I scanned it and got a code P0746- Pressure control Solenoid A performance or stuck off, I replaced the A solenoid, problem continued likewise after replacing B and C dual solenoid.

This is where i am now i really do not know what to do next, Would i be needing a new transmission or its something minor?

P.S When ever i clear the code driving goes back to normal, until i try to reverse and after reversing put in drive. I also noticed if i use D3, Its more stable, no bearing grinding noise and smoother shifting.

There's also a loud humming sound coming from wheels when i get to about 60 kmph,goes away when i slow down below 60 kmph.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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