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2008 Si Coupe k24a2 swapped
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Went in for a illegal smog...this was going to be my 2nd time going back to the same shop as they ran my vin it popped up that state ref is required....I don’t get how or why I was flagged. I’m currently deeeeep in the middle of my build. Bought this car a year ago k24a swapped. As of right now it is fbo. What do I do my car is a 2008 si...I’m literally trying to buy another crashed stock si somewhere at this point.
I really hate Cali but I won’t complain about it...I’m trying to find my way around this. Just would like some advice from any California’s dealing with this

I need help and advice on how to bypass this state ref smog....do I just start the application to another state...what’s this llc in Montana I’m hearing about. Help?
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