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Hi guys,

I am confused and I really need your help! I have installed a month ago my new Tein SS coilover on my Civic DX Sedan 08.

I have a problem. I can not adjust the damper. I put it in softer or harder, the hardness remains even. Somebody told me that if I put the damper to the hardest, it would be equivalent to throw myself on a minefield. However, in doing this is as comfortable as my original suspension, or almost!

I know I should not exceed 16 "clicks" recommended to avoid damage to the damper. By cons, if I cheat, I can fit 25 to 35 clicks.

Someone told me I had to make a quarter turn with the shock before installing, and this is the reason why I can not adjust the damper as I want.

Does anyone has had this problem?

Thank you very much for your help, it is much appreciated!

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