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HELP! my 06 coupe (si) trunk is stuck and will not open!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

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CajunRider was an extreme help...both times my trunk got stuck.

I am glad i was able to get my trunk open...shortly afterwards the cheap CHEAP plastic latch broke completely. So now I have to order a new one...and figure out how to install it

here are the pics. CAjunRider you are a lifesaver 2 times.

this is the passenger side...stick it in towards center (preferably with something harder than a plastic knife.

pull towards the passenger side like a lever

pop down the seat!

crawl through and open trunk with emergency latch.
ok, i have 06 Civic coupe. I know lately i've sorta crammed some laundry baskets and other junk in my trunk almost to capacity. maybe this damaged it somehow.

but yesterday it seemed fine. today I press the button and i can hear the trunk clicking inside, but nothing opens. I try pulling on the trunk while pressing button and nothing.

I tried the lever on the side of my seat and it pulls up but nothing "catches". again, nothing happens with the trunk...just the same clicking noise..

I know that my trunk is not full right now and there shouldn't be anything caught in between or anything.... I tried stopping abruptly while driving forward and backwards to see if it would shake anything loose. still nothing.

the only thing abnormal from yesterday was, because my trunk was pretty full, when I pressed the button the door only opened part way because a laundry basket had caught something...but i was able to manually open the door. hopefully I can get this open!

what to do?

No, I don't have the valet lock on. I've tried locking and unlocking many times. it's not that.

I'm out of warrantee- i called the dealer and of course they want me to bring it in.

I"ve called locksmith--nothing he can really do. he advised me to put weight on the trunk while trying to open it.

the only thing is...how do I fold down the back seats? the only levers are in the trunk...so I can't fold down the back seats! :'(

i've tried putting pressure on my trunk and tried pulling up or pushing forward while pressing the open button....

sigh...there is no key hole in the trunk for EX and Si models.

ive taken most of the bottom seat cushion off, and that doesn't seem like it will lead anywhere either.

there has GOT to be a way to fold the seats without getting INTO the trunk.

what if a kid gets stuck in the trunk? and doesn't know how to push the little button on the inside?!

or a pet?

your kid plays a prank and locks your pet inside your trunk...and it gets jammed.....what then?!


will the dealership be able to do ANYTHING?

thank you for your help.
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OK, so I'm an impatient mofo.

I finally managed to pry open the subwoofer cover. I see the subwoofer in there... and it looks like it may not fit (not come out), and looks like there are 2 screws (only in the front) that are holding it down.

any advice you can give me on taking the subwoofer out?

I already know I'm gonna need a shorter screwdriver. Once I get the subwoofer out, I'm home free?

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Does the subwoofer cover in the trunk screw on or snap on?

Assuming you can get it out...I guess the "home free" part depends on whether you can wrench your arm through the hole and make it to the trunk release. :)
no, i had to pry out the subwoofer cover. I already have it off.

I'm talking about the subwoofer itself. I'm hoping the front 2 screws are all i need to take off to remove it completely.

any screws in the back would be impossible to take off b/c of the slanted windshield.
no, i had to pry out the subwoofer cover. I already have it off.

I'm talking about the subwoofer itself. I'm hoping the front 2 screws are all i need to take off to remove it completely.

any screws in the back would be impossible to take off b/c of the slanted windshield.
Right, but there's a cover on the inside of the trunk as well that covers the sub, that you'll have to get through once the sub is out. I just don't know if it snaps on or screws on.
I just remembered I didn't ride the bike today so I went outside and took a look. The cover on the inside of the trunk is held on with those plastic pressure rivets, so you should be able to push it off without hurting it.
thanks a lot man. I hope to get this done by tonight! I am itching to get my stuff in there. tennis racquets for my tournament this weekend... clean underwear and socks...lol
I was looking again....reaching the trunk release might be a challenge at that angle through the hole. If it's a problem, if you reach in to the left or right you should be able to reach the seat latch mechanism.
yeah, people advised me to do this, and i tried for over an hour. wiggling the trunk. putting my whole weight and bouncing on the car up and down (200lbs of fat) all while pressing the button or having someone pull the lever repeatedly.

So, there are other people who have had this issue?!!!!!!!???????????

I am so stressed... so I tried taking the back seat cushion (bottom part - seat). and the middle part seems like it won't come off...also there seems to be a lot of wiring going across down there so I don't want to yank anything off.....

I don't know if that'd help ...the seat back seems like it's securely on there.

THat might work--taking off the speaker deck thing.....

CAn you guess how much a dealer will charge me to get this fixed? I HOPE less than $100.... i can't afford much rigth now.
I am having the same problem AGAIN right now. Last year I paid $365 to get the dagum thing replaced and it broke again last night. I'm ready to swear off Honda.
I just spent 35 minutes to solve the same dang problem.
1. Reaching in the seam between the seatback and the bottom cushion, I removed the 6mm bolt that holds the bottom cushion down and peeled the bottom cushion out.
2. Using a 12 mm wrench I removed the 8mm bolt in the seat back bottom hinge between the large and small seatbacks.
3. Pulling the left side (facing back) trim a little bit, I removed the 8mm bolt on the bottom hinge of the other side of the small seat back. I had to use a snubby rachet and a 12 mm socket for that.
4. I pulled out the bottom of the seat back and reached in to pulled the seat back release on both sides.
5. I removed my groceries before they stink to high heaven.
6. Tomorrow I'll bring my irate butt to the Honda dealer who charged me $365 to replace the same dang trunk latch last October.
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sigh.. so I took off subwoofer cover and took out the only 2 visible screws on the woofer...and it won't budge. sigh.

cajun rider would it be okay if I called u? I am hard of understanding written instructions..
where are you located?

maybe someone is near you and they could help you
portland, oregon, beaverton, oregon, vancouver, washington area.
Hey Hyogen, I sent you a private message on how to contact me.
Truly appreciated. I will contact you pretty soon.
wow groceries..

After PAINstaking effort and swollen hands and little cuts on my hands...I managed to get the back 2 screws....... I can lift the subwoofer a little bit, but the subwoofer will NOT come out of there. there is not enough space. Maybe if I cut the subwoofer hole bigger maybe I could do it.....i've had to break some plastic to see if I could take the subwoofer out, and it still wont.


I guess I'm gonna have to find the right wrenches to try to go through the back seat.

I can't believe I've spent all this time damaging my car for nothing.

I effing NEED to get into my trunk..... i don';t have the time to wait to schedule an appointment next week to get it looked at...
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What about taking the Passenger side speakers out? One screw and tilt out.
It would be closer to the seat release handle in the trunk. The sub hole would be closer to the Driver side seat latch.

How did you get the trunk tray off without the seats down?
well..... i don't htink the speaker thing works. Besides, looking at it now it would be impossible for me to reach the emergency latch from the subwoofer hole...even if I was able to take out the subwoofer.

a million thanks to Cajun Rider.... I called him up more than 3 times and he walked me through the whole thing. I dunno how I'm gonna get my seats back in....but my trunk still doesn't open even with the emergency latch. Sigh...
That is a bummer after all of that work.

The Sub has 4 screws in it from what I could tell and you would of had to trigger the latch of the seat by hand (were the cable connects to the latch). That is why I was thinking the passenger side speaker would be better, you might of been able to reach the pull handle for the seat.

Were you able to tell if any electrical or cables were out of place on the trunk latch?
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